Spotify Connect stopped working last week on AVR and on FireTV at the same time

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I love the spotigy connect feature on my devices. It is integrated in my AV-Receiver (Onkyo TX-NR616 via update) and in my FireTV 2 (4K version).


Since end of last week it stopped working on my AV-Receiver the way that the device is not shown on my Android phone anymore at all. When I start Spotify on the AVR it displays the usual message, that I have to click on the Spotify Connect Icon in my Android app. But the receiver is not shown anymore no matter how often I completely power it off (unplug power cable) and how many times I restart the receiver, the feature seems to be dead.


At the same time my FireTV stopped offering Spotify connect as per default. Usually the FireTV was shown automatically on my Android device and on my Laptop the same way as the AVR did. Now it simply does not show up by itself. I have to manually start the Spotify App on the FireTV to get it shown. So at least it is working somehow. But before this issue began, it worked out of the box, so that I was not forced to start the app before getting it to show as a connect device on my android phone.


If I start spotify Connect application on my Windows laptop it appears immediately on my phone as Connect device.


The point is: It worked for all devices in all instances at least for more than half a year without any problems... I did not update the AV-Receivers firmware recently or so, nor did I change anything on my FireTV (also no recent updates there, I looked it up).


There must be something that you changed in your Spotify Connect api, thus my Receiver is kicked out completely and my FireTV does only work if I manually start the app there.




Now during writing this and having opened the Spotify Connect Program on my Windows laptop the receiver shows up suddenly... It did not do that for the last 5 days or so! After connecting then to the Receiver (from my Laptops Spotify program) the Receiver magically also shows up on my Android phone.... Whats going on there?


Addition #2:

Tried turning off my AV-Receiver and turning it on. Same happens again... the Android Phone does not find the AVR. My Windows Laptop Spotify Client finds the Receiver! (Windows Client did update today automatically, so perhaps some issue was solved? But on my Android its simply not working anymore, except to find the Laptop. Laptop is in same Wifi and is shown immediately on my Phone after I start the Windows client.)

Coorection: It found the receiver, but connection did not work and now AVR vanished again and I it is also not showing on Windows Client anymore..... There is something wrong and similar stuff also happens to my FireTV (but there I can at least restart it somehow)

Hey @wmissal! Sorry for the delay.


We're glad to know it's up and running now.


Give us a shout if there's anything else we can help out with 🙂


Apparently Spotify has read this and disconnected all my devices, so that I had to type in my credentials to login again. Well...this did not change anything. My Windows Client finds the Onkyo, but connection does not establish.


My Android device still does not find the Receiver, but it finds the FireTV after I start the FireTV Spotify App there once.



It's rather unfortunate if you read this and simply disconnect all my devices without leaving some kind of comment here.




I don't know what you changed from yesterday to today, but now it works again after ~6 days of not working. I hope this will stay this way, but for now I'm absolutely happy again 🙂


thank you!

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @wmissal! Sorry for the delay.


We're glad to know it's up and running now.


Give us a shout if there's anything else we can help out with 🙂