Spotify Connect stutters

Playing from a Denon Ceol Piccolo N4 using Spotify Connect does not work today (some days it does, some days it does not). Sound stutters, or just stops.


The Denon player is wire-connected to my router and internet connection is FTTH (Orange, in France).  Spotify works as expected from a PC or mobile. Airplay to the Denon player from a Mac works.


Ethernet wires have been checked.

Last Denon firmware is installed.

Denon player has been restarted and factory reset without change.

Last spotify is installed (for instance on Android).


Any idea ?

Awesome @HK356! Thanks for letting us know. 


We'll be closing this thread as Fixed, but you can always get back in touch with us if you're having issues again. 


Take care 🙂 


I am having the exact same problem today with Spotify Connect on my Libratone Zipp. It's extremely frustrating.


Same here on my Marantz sr5007. Very slow. Spotify works fine on my iPhone 6. 

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey, welcome to the Community! 


Does it work if you try the next steps?

- Link the Airplay

- Play a song with"Music" app

- Then start Spotify app and play a song


Let us know how that works out.


The issue was due to a CDN Spotify uses having latency and packet loss. My ISP emailed the company responsible for the CDN and as of a couple of hours ago I am no longer experiencing the issue. 

Thanks. I'm still facing issues, but will share with @SpotifyCares and my ISP.

@Alejandro_C, I dont'have airplay. I play Spotify either trough the Spotify  "app" through my Marantaz receiver, but mostly through my Smart TV's Spotify app, which is connected with my receiver.



Today (monday), no issue. Spotify Connect works.

@Alejandro_CWhen Spotify Connect didn't work, I tried to play musics using AirPlay from a Mac to the Denon player and yes, it did work, whatever the music comes from, Spotify app or other source. Does this answer your question ?


What should be done if the problem happens again ?


I'm having the same problame. I have samsung soundbar hw-h750 and samsung r1. I can connect both with tv and the sound is fine. I can connect phone with bt with both and play spotify. But when i try using spotify connect the sound is all messed up and stutters. What can i do? I have tried to reset both speekers and same with the router.


Hey @sigurthor8! Are you still having issues? 


@HrvG, no worries. Just get back in touch and we'll help out 🙂 


For me the issue was solved on Monday after I repeated the CDN ISP issue that @f3nd3r suggested earlier. Thanks for that @f3nd3r!