Spotify Connect switches always back to mobile phone output automatically (extremely annoying!)


I really love to listen to my spotify premium music on my Onkyo TX-NR616 A/V Receiver.


The problem is that since some weeks I cannot listen to it continuously. It occurs more and more frequently and sporadically that the music simply stops playing and the AVR display shows a questionmark (?) instead of the Play ">" or Pause "||" symbols. I have also sometimes the impression that this Questionmark issue also occurs more often since the Mix Tapes Feature got introduced.


AND the most annoying is now: Whenever I unlock my phone (really ALWAYS) the music jumps over to my Android smartphone and spotify does not ask anymore whether I want to hear it now on my smartphone or to leave it playing on the currently playing device. I remember that there was always a popup asking if I want to pull the music over to my smartphone if starting the app while playing on my AVR with Spotify Connect. But now it simply takes it over every time I take unlock the phone.


Image how often you unlock your phone during the day and now try to imagine if you are listening to music and trying to enjoy it, but every time something is on your phone, the music turns off. Also mostly I try to push it back to my AVR and the often I try it the faster it switches back until it switches back to my phone immediately, hence it is not possible anymore to listen to the music on my AVR. 

The only solution is sometimes to take my Laptop and to push the music from my Windows laptop tho the AVR. This seems to work then.


Please bring back the Popup that asks whether I want pull the music from my AVR to my Phone, thus not doing it automatically all the time. Simply annoying and unusable






Hey all! 


We've had the all-clear from the tech folks backstage and since we haven't received any recent reports relating to this we're going to be closing this thread as "Fixed".


Thank you for all your feedback and comments, we really do appreciate it!


Please let us know if you're still having trouble and we'll see what else we can suggest 🙂



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Status changed to: Fixed

Hey @wmissal, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know what device/operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Hello @Alejandro_C

I'm using it on an LG G2 (D802) Android 6.0.1 smartphone.

The Spotify version is: armV7 from the google playstore. 


The last days it got a bit better with the interruptions, but after lets say 10 Minutes of flawless playback through spotify connect on my AVR or even on my FireTV (also spotify connect via Spotify app) I take my phone to switch the Song or the playlist. I unlock my phone and open the Spotify app and as soon as the App is in the foreground it pulls the music from my AVR or from FireTV to the Android app. I do remember, that it always asked about keeping it playing on the current device some versions ago or so.


This happens not within the first playback minutes. This happens always after some songs were played via spotify connect. 


Some other issues in the current Play Store version of Spotify app ( armV7):

The lockscreen controls sometimes don't work. That means: Before I unlock my phone, I can see the skip, play/pause buttons and the converart. But skipping and pause don't react. Also usually I can change the volume of my AVR in Spotify Connect mode if I have the spotify android app in foreground and press vol up/down button of my phone. But in the current version the spotify app shows a volume of zero and does not react controlling my A/V Receiver. If I use a recent beta of Spotify app, then this all works. But unfortunately the most annoying issues of interrupting and pulling the playback to phone do occur on beta versions as well.


Hey @wmissal, thanks for that info. 


Can you try reinstalling the Spotify app on your phone by following these steps:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/?


Let us know if this helps. 


Hello and thanks for the instructions.

I followed the steps and reinstalled spotify on my android phone. It did not help at all. Watch this (my) video of the issue:

Casual Listener

Having similar issue, pretty much every device I have (two BOSE SoundTouch 20 and a Chomecast audio) refuses to play longer than a few minutes when sending the audio to them. I've tried this from three different android devices and they're ALL having this issue.


If I use the Cast function in Android and send both Video & Audio to the Chromecast, it works just fine so it rules out wifi issues.


Running Sony Xperia X performance (model F8131) and android 6.0.1. The Spotify app is

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Hey @wmissal and @MrWorf, thanks for all the info you've sent us.


Could you ask a friend or family member to sign into their Spotify account on your device?
Check if it works and keep us updated.

Hi @MaryC1

a family member signed in some hours ago and we tested it. The funny thing is, that it worked correctly on my phone also during this time as well as with his. But most of the day today it was having the above described (see also the videocapture) issues. Then it worked for one hour again, that means I could unlock my phone without any problems and the music kept still playing on my AVR as it should.


But even when it worked correctly, I never get the popup, which asks "whether I want to keep it playing on the current device or to play it on the phone now". It also did not popup on the device of my family member. I'm quite sure that you've simply taken out this popup out of the app and while it works most of the time on some devices, it does make problems on others (mine, for example). 


Spotify connect worked today for ~1.5 hours out of 6 hours without any problems, but the rest of the time it simply stopped or it pulled over to my mobile phone as soon as I unlocked it or restarted the app.

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Status changed to: Fixed

Hey @wmissal and @MrWorf,


Thanks for giving our suggestions a try. We've reported this to our tech folks and they are working on this as we speak.


We hope to have a fix for this soon.

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Hey @wmissal and @MrWorf!


We recently pushed an update to our Android app since we last spoke. Are you stll experiencing the same issues with this new update? 


Keep us posted


Hello Jim,

which update are you talking about? Playstore does not always do a rollout of apps at the same time for all devices. My Android App version is now v6.5.0.1816 armV7 from 25th october 2016.


And yes I do have the impression that it got better. The current version still sometimes pulls the music off from Spotify Connect to the phone when I open the android app, but it happens not as often as before.

I paid attention to it after reading your yesterdays email and I got the impression that it still happens mostly after half an hour (or so) playing on my AVR via Connect and when the android app was closed completely meanwhile. I mean either you delete the Android App out of active tasks and wait ~ half an hour before launching the app again on the phone to skip to next track or so. Or the other case is that the phone deletes Spotify out of running tasks after ~ 15 minutes (Spotify icon disappears from notification bar and the spotify locksreen widget disappears from the lockscreen). If I then start the app manually again there is a 50:50 chance that the Android app disables Spotify connect on my AVR and continues to play the song automatically on my phone.


But it got clearly better the last days. Although I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence, because when I opened this issue thread here, Spotify connect mostly worked for half an hour or an hour in the morning without any problems and then it always started getting worse and worse until it was unusable after lunch/evening to the night with the described symptoms. And sometimes, when I gave up using sporitfy for half an hour or an hour because of this, it began to work for another half an hour without problems again... it was simply so sporadic sometimes and absolutely annoying -_-. So I hope that the fact that it is better the last days, is not just another sporadic improvement or so (instead of sporadic issues).

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