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Spotify Connect with Bose Soundtouch

Since Friday April 7th, I've had issues remote controling my Bose speaker with Spotify mobile and desktop apps.


I am a premium member, I see the speaker in the device list within the apps, select it, and it is stuck on "Connecting".


Sometimes, I can get 2 separate instances of spotify running at the same time(phone and speaker playing different content at the same time).


The native Spotify app within the speaker plays fine, but Spotify does not recognize my speaker playing anything and hangs on connecting.


Hey all!


Alright, Spotify is aware of this issue and looking into this. You can keep an eye on this page for updates. I’ll be here if you need anything else.


Have a great day! 🙂


Cross referenced at Bose's Community for better traction on this issue.


I was having a similar issue with the Spotify desktop app that arose on Friday. The Spotify app was unable to connect to the SoundTouch system and said that it (i.e. Spotify) was not available on the device (i.e. SoundTouch). Uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify desktop app paritally resolved the issue. Now, play/pause button in toolbar is sometimes greyed out. 


I updated the Spotify client for macOS Sierra today and the Spotify Connect to Bose Soundtouch is no longer working. It says "Connecting ..." but times out after 5 seconds. It's happening with all macOS devices.

Status changed to: New issue report

Hey @vsundaram! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's not cool! Could you try the troubleshooting steps on this page? Also, what Spotify and iOS version are you rocking? Let me know! 🙂


Have a nice day! 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey all!

That's not cool! Could you guys try the troubleshooting steps on this page? Also, what Spotify and operating system version are you rocking? Let me know how it goes!

Have a great day! 🙂


I had just done that yesterday evening. Reinstalled all Spotify apps, hard rebooted everyone connected.

Win 7 PC -

Win 7 PC 2 -

Win10 PC -

Android Mobile - armV7

Android Tablet - armV7

Factory reset my bose speaker


Same issue persists. I have a work PC running windows 7 that cannot even see my mobile or tablet. The issue consistently is unreliable Spotify Connect connectivity/communication.




Hey @mrradicaled!


Hmm, that's not cool! Are you using any kind of proxy, VPN, firewall, client isolation or something like that which might be interfering with Spotify? If not, could you reset/restart your modem/router? Let me know how it goes.


Take care!


Very basic home network. Nothing special.


I hard rebooted everything from the router to all personal devices twice now.


Listen. Friday morning, everything worked fine. I enjoyed spotify connect feature across 7+ devices. I flip between at least 4 devices daily- from the car receiver, phone, tablet, and pc.


Come home Friday evening, and it all fell apart. It was working flawlessly.


I am running OS Sierra and Spotify desktop version


I uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to be working okay. One issue is that the songs playing are not highlighted any longer. 


 I resinstalled Spotify and it is still not working. I opened up a support issue with Bose and looks like it is an issue with Spotify. 

I am using Spotify on Macbook Air (OS X EL Capitan version 10.11.6). It also doesn't work on my iPhone (iOS 10.3.1), Macbook Pro (macOS Sierra).


Here's the thread on the Bose forum -