Spotify Crashes on Startup

I'm on MacOS High Sierra, and I have been unable to open the Spotify Mac app for over a week. I've tried everything; doing a clean reinstall, deleting caches and support files, etc. but even after multiple fresh installs it doesn't open (Well actually it does; the icon jumps in the dock, but immediately crashes and the icon disappears before I even see the window).


I kept the console app opened during a clean reinstall, and here's the full log:


You can find more details of my issue here:


My problem is very similar to this one:


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.46.40 PM.png

Hey @sheharyarn,


Thanks for confirming that @VincentPaing's fix has resolved this for you now.


Rest assured, the tech folks were recently aware of some difficulty with the app on MacOS High Sierra, and have already investigated this. 


If you experience anything else in the near future, check the app for updates.



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@jms8765 Yeah, I've tried terminal as well. When launching, I get this error: "[1]    42350 illegal hardware instruction  ./Spotify"


I tried running gdb on it, but macOS won't let me since gdb isn't codesigned or something.


Agreed re gdb. It's just not a viable operating system to do any development in anymore. Whether it ever was is debatable too. So it's whether I want to pay a premium to update a (perfectly functional 2010) machine with a shaky keyboard just so it can be a terminal, virtual machine host and run Not too likely.


Hi, same problem for me. I uninstall already spotify desktop on my macbook pro many times. Deleted cache files .. with cleanMyMac .. and spotify don't working any more. :( 


 Slack & Chrome have the same problem.



Also for those who need music 911 don't forget you can use safari to listen as well until they fix the issue.



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You link to app remover does not work.  Do we really need to use it or just drag Spotify to the trash and re-install?  (note also haveing issues with Slack opening)


reinstall doesn't help .. :( 

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So apparently Slack is having the same issue.  They just pushed an alpha that fixes the issue (what ever that issue is)


Hi, I have the same issue here, I updated to High Sierra and Spotify worked fine, however for some other reason, I had to make a clean install of High Sierra on my Mac, then installed Spotify and doesn't work now. I tried to uninstall with AppCleaner and reinstall Spotify but still nothing...annoying!

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I found a way to solve the issue. I copied it from here. Basically delete "backgrounditems.btm" file under this path, and then restart your mac.

/Users/$your_user/Library/Application Support/


Take note of your startup items as it will delete all of it, and you will need to add them back manually


Thank you @VincentPaing! It worked. But this should be solved at Spotify's end too. Seems to be a problemw ith electron-based apps in general.