Spotify Freezes during playback after most recent update on Android 6.0.1

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.0.1


Updated spotify some 2 hours ago. 

Played music fine for half an hour through bluetooth earplugs. Turned off BT to use 

phone speaker while showering and played my SAVED downloaded playlist 

(Josh Groban - You raise me up). When I wanted to pause the track and kill the app 

since I was done it froze entirely, did however not stop playback. Kept playing even after app was off, or so I thought, realizing it was minimized to tray and could not be paused or skip forward/backward. It kept playing but I could not do anything.


Tried restarting Spotify since it was not in the task list anylonger and it all went black for 1 minute after which I recieved the message "The program has stopped responding" and I killed it. 


Please fix this asap and release a new update. I don't want random freezes/crashes while music keeps playing since it'll be really messy in the car etc. 

Awesome, @user-removed!


We're glad to hear it's working. If you ever need us again, remember we'll be just a post away.


Have a great week 🙂 

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Hey @user, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We’d like to know a bit more about what’s happening. Can you let us know what’s the exact version of Spotify you’re using? We’ll see what we can suggest.


We’ll be waiting for your answer.

It's been happening alot since my previous post. 


I'm using armV7 on the above said OS and phone. 


I start spotify, jump to my library and start a song in a selected playlist. All songs and playlists are also downloaded. Quality for both streamed and downloaded songs is Extreme. 


After a few songs, no particular amount (seems random entirely) Spotify just siezes. It crashes in such a way that the OS tells me the app has crashed and asks if I want to shut it down or leave it be. The music actually continues playing but I can't use ANY controls and the UI/visuals have frozen. For example if the freeze/crash occurs on song A, and song C is playing, I still see it as song A in the scrolling song-info which is frozen. No buttons work at all. 


That's all there is. It simply crashes horribly but the actual audio plays on and it changes song and shuffles accordingly. Seems to be ui/graphical bug since the software does not go silent or stop playback. 


Please fix this. God I had these issues and similar problems last year after 3 months as a premium customer and decided it's utter bull**bleep** to ignore android users with these bugs and yet here we are, similar things still occuring. I wish for one day to be able to obtain an super old vanilla version of spotify without all the nonsense features, recommendation craps and all that. I'd pay for it. I'd pay alot for it! At least it's stable, clean and simple. 

PS: My name is Toni, not "user" -.- 


Amazes me everytime that there's no actual support other than forums for a paid feature. 100+ Euros per year is the cost and Spotify can't give proper support even! It's frustrating. Very frustrating!


Thanks for that info @user-removed!


We can continue helping you here but if you prefer, you can reach out to our Support team via this contact form. You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter.


Can you let us know if this also happens when you only try to stream songs and not by playing your downloaded tracks? It might be worth to reinstall the app to see if it helps. Here's how.


Keep us posted.



It's been 2 updates since I reported this issue and inbetween those I also comlpletely removed spotify, cache, all data including downloaded tracks both through android and the ctual folders on the hdd. Same thing still.... Happens both in online and offline mode. Since the updates now at least I get the message that the software has crashed instantly rather when trying to shut it down and re-launch spotify. Error remains the same though: music goes on playing and shuffling but the app has crashed and has to be killed and restarted if I wish to be able to do just about anything. I have no interest in any music outside my downloaded songs so streaming random crapmusic for hours isn't an option.

Thanks for the update @user-removed.


We'd like to gather as much info as we can before we can report this. If it's possible, can you try logging into a different account (perhaps one from a friend or a relative) on your device to see if the issue persists? 


Also, can you make sure that you're already using our latest app version (7.1.0)?


Let us know how it goes. 


I am also having this problem.  I will check what version I have, but it is set to get auto updates.  I just bought a galaxy tablet and need to have it function.  I'm doing the music for a NYE party for a charity that I'm involved with and will be playing music on my 400W bluetooth speakers at one end of the room.  This is a very small charity forcused on helping people stay sober on NYE, so people will notice if the music cuts out because the software crashes.  This needs to stop happening.

Same problem.  It freezes out the touch screen and I have to call up the task manager and kill the app.  then click on it again and it will give a message that the app is not responding in order to kill it and have it stop playing.  Then have to relaunch it and start over.  I can set up a couple of play lists so I'll have to change lists (starting over means that it forgets where it was in the play list and shuffles songs that were just heard), but the dead air time will be a problem in the middle of a 'dance party'.


i am using version

I love the selection of this music service, but if the software keeps freezing up on me, I won't be able to use it moving forward and will be forced to cancel my membership.


Thanks for your time and attention.

Version   aaaaaand same thing happens.


Both online and offline mode playing both streamed non-downloaded music and downloaded 😕


It's simply a app lockup/freeze with modern Samsungs it seems. Maybe some interference with the Android version on samsungs or who knows? Utterly annoying. I mean it could be worse, it could stop playing as well, but it does take quite a while (half a minute or more) for the message that reports that the app has crashed to appear when re-launching spotify after killing it, while it's still minimized atop the quicklinks as usual still. 


Ugh I really wanted spotify, and Premium at that, to work this time around since it's been a year and still the same nonsense goes on! 


I tried dowloading and installing a very old and early version of spotify hoping i'd be rid of most issues since such a version would have almost no "fancy" functions, which I loathe anyway, but it wanted to update and I could not run the app past the start screen. 


Thanks for making a non-working program which cannot be used by choosing older versions since you force us to auto-update it to a recent and useless version. -.- What has the software world come to? I'm at utter disbelief. I'd pay well to use a 1.0 version or thereabout as a premium customer. Let us choose which darn version we want. You still get our money both ways!


PS: Yeah, i've also deleted all cache and data and re-installed it yet again. Re-downloaded my 700 songs as well. Thanks for inte data-bill!


Thanks for getting back to us with that info @user-removed and @peacemillenium


In this case, please follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your account page on our website and click Offline devices in the menu on the left.
  3. Save your offline tracks again. 

If that doesn't work, please remove the SD card, if there's one, reinstall the app, then reinsert the SD card again to see if it makes any difference. 


Let us know if you have any questions. We'll be here for you 🙂