Spotify India payment failure through UPI





My Question or Issue

 Account charged but did not get the premium service.

Hey folks,


We're happy to say that this should now be fixed!


Let us know if you're still having any trouble with this.



On my first attempt, I got charged but the subscription plan did not reflect on Spotify. How do I initiate a refund for the same ?


Even I have the same issue! Can some moderator please help us on this?


I have the same issue. My money has gone through thrice, and I still don't have my subscription. I have screenshots of the same. Please try to look into the issue, @Spotify.


I have paid for the first time using my debit card and payment got failed and money got deducted showing a massage that can't pay from this card and money will be refunded, I thing this happened because I was using a debit card but since the money will be refunded I'm ok with it. Then again I paid using Google Pay UPI but this time it got accepted and money got deducted but no premium subscription, not even a massage of refunding.


Same problem. I wanted to try out Spotify premium, so I chose the 1-day plan at Rs13, but my Spotify account still shows up as a Free account. Even the amount got deducted from my bank account. But here's the thing, the app now allows me to play songs without shuffle play. 


I faced same issue. When I contacted customer support they told me spotify isn't available in india.


I am facing the same issue.


Same issue with UPI


wth same problem! Is Spotify even listening to us here?! 


Same thing happened to me. I found one email address and have mailed them, awaiting their response. Will update this thread as and when i have an one.