Spotify Not Importing iTunes Playlists

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Desktop App


Operating System Version:

OS X 10.11.1


Spotify Version:



I have my Spotify setup to sync with offline files through my iTunes folder. The songs are listed in my Local Files folder in Spotify.

While trying File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes nothing happens.

I've done a complete uninstall of the app and related system files and re-installed the newly downloaded app.

Same problem.

I was going to include the .dmp files mentioned in those don't appear in the system folder any longer.


To reproduce:

Click File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes





Additional information:

Nothing happens when it is clicked.



Hey everyone, the Spotify Community team here.


Starting from Spotify desktop version 1.0.74, it’s no longer possible to migrate playlists from iTunes and other media players. 


This decision was carefully made with the goal of creating the best experience for our users.


Don't worry, it's easy to recreate any playlist with Spotify. There's also lots of cool ways to customise them. If a song you’re looking for isn’t available, you can still import it as a Local File and add it to your playlists.




Hey guys! 


Just to to gather more info, can you let us know the type of file you're trying to sync? Also, how many files are you trying to sync? We'll keep looking further into this.


If it's possible, can you try to move the playlists onto Desktop and off of External HHD? 


Keep us posted.


Only MP3 and completely different amount on files. I have playlists with hundrets of songs and also ones with on 10. None if them work. 


I assume it's that the Spotify desktop app looks only at the default location of the itunes library which is not the case on my Macbook as I moved the library. I tried on a differnet PC with a complete clean installation of both itunes and Spotify and it works there. 

Premium member. Trying to get even one song from itunes to Spotify. I have a playlist that imported years ago, but now, I can't even move one song or get that list to update. Beyond frustrating. 


Is there a way to move one song at a time from itunes to Spotify? I could live with that option as I prefer Spotify but sometimes need a song I purchased from itunes. I don't want to move to itunes music, but will if I can't figure this out.




Our team's investigating this as we speak.


We'll be posting any updates here.


Stay tuned.


Hey guys!


No updates yet.


No worries, we'll keep you in the loop. 


Same issue here.


iTunes files are all on default internal harddrive in the default locations per iTunes.





Mac OS X El Capitan: 10.11.5


In the desktop app, file>import playlists>iTunes, nothing happens.

I have an app that tracks CPU usage, and there are no spikes in CPU after I click 'iTunes'.


Hi @rhkaneko,


Thanks for reporting and sending that information over. 


Our team is currently working on it.  We'll let you know as soon as we have any news.


Our best, 


Truthfully, asking what kinds of files are involved is wholly irrelevant.


The problem is that the command in the menu does not work. It's a lot more fundamental than what kind of files there are, because it's not even getting to the point where it could look for files.


That is, there is a broken connection between the menu item, and the method call it's supposed to be making.


I must say that having to explain that makes me very, very wary of the capabilities of the developers you've hired.


Same problem here.  I would totally be a premium customer if this basic functionality worked.  please loop me in if there are developments.  Thanks!


Spotify is becoming like Last.FM, a once terrific application that is now full of bugs and problems, and little response to customers' complaints.