Spotify Not Importing iTunes Playlists

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Desktop App


Operating System Version:

OS X 10.11.1


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I have my Spotify setup to sync with offline files through my iTunes folder. The songs are listed in my Local Files folder in Spotify.

While trying File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes nothing happens.

I've done a complete uninstall of the app and related system files and re-installed the newly downloaded app.

Same problem.

I was going to include the .dmp files mentioned in those don't appear in the system folder any longer.


To reproduce:

Click File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes





Additional information:

Nothing happens when it is clicked.



Hey everyone, the Spotify Community team here.


Starting from Spotify desktop version 1.0.74, it’s no longer possible to migrate playlists from iTunes and other media players. 


This decision was carefully made with the goal of creating the best experience for our users.


Don't worry, it's easy to recreate any playlist with Spotify. There's also lots of cool ways to customise them. If a song you’re looking for isn’t available, you can still import it as a Local File and add it to your playlists.




My iTunes folder is on an external HDD


I am having the exact same issue, library is on external HD plugged in via USB, "Music" folder on HD added to "Local" and when I select File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes nothing happens.


[crickets again]


Kudos to the complete brokenness of this feature and negligence in addressing version after version.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey guys!


Apologies for the delay.


We're currently looking into the way Local Files work with Spotify. Hopefully we'll have further updates to this in the future.


Once we do have any news, we'll keep you posted!



Whatever about the local files, what about the File -> Import Playlists -> iTunes not doing anything at all??


Is there any update to it?


Dear Spotify Team


Why has this issue not been resolved OR reported back in any way.


There are numerous postings over a few months about this, and there has been no resolution or explanation.


As a premium member, it seems like Spotify is becoming more and more problematic.


Can you please provide an update to your paying customers?






Same issue for months. Clicking Import PLaylists > iTunes does nothing. I've never seen an app do this - providing zero feedback after an action. Kinda lost all faith in the app now.


I was thinking of switching from Apple radio, but not if the Spotify app is going to make it difficult.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey guys!

Thanks for your patience.

Our team's aware of the issue and currently working on it as we speak

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