Spotify Pausing On Chromecast Issues


Following the conversation in this thread, it looks like there's been some recent reports of the below issue on Chromecast:


Spotify on Chromecast pausing


"...when casting music stops, then starts, stops, start etc. Tried factory reset, we stream from 2 different phones (S7/z5 premium), 2 separate Accounts... Same error..."

If you're experiencing this issue on Chromecast at the moment, please reply here with the following, to help get all of the right info in one place: 


- Outline the issue you're experiencing in as much detail as possible:
- What device you're streaming from (Make/model and operating system)
- What version of Spotify you're using
- What version of Chromecast you're using,
- Subscription type:

If you're having a slightly different issue with your Chromecast however, I'd recommend starting a new thread. This way, it'll be easier to look at each problem individually, and provide the best support.


Hey folks,


The tech team have confirmed this should be fixed in the latest version of Spotify. 


If you're still having trouble, we'd recommend a quick reinstall to get up and running again. 


Thanks for bearing with us,



Hi ! 


So I'm using Spotify (with premium account) on my laptop (Macbook Air Mid2013). I have 3 chromecasts disposed in different rooms at home (2 "sound only" chromecast and 1 HDMI chromecast to the TV). 


Regardless of which chromecast I use, Spotify systematically behaves weirdly when casting. However, the three chromecasts work fine with Netflix, Youtube, Airflow, VLC, etc. 


The problem is definitely with Spotify. 


Observed weird stuff: 

  • The music stops playing. And when I try to play/pause or switch songs nothing happens

EDIT: @user-removed : a common bug is the following : the music stops at the end of a track (instead of going on with the next track) so I walk to my laptop and click next song but nothing happens. If I click play on another song, nothing happens. I have to restart Spotify. Sometimes, relaunching Spotify will help, sometimes the app (laptop) is still buggued). 


  • The music keeps on playing on the chromecast although I switched to next song on spotify

EDIT: @user-removed : I see often a desync between Spotify and what is actualy playing in the speakers (through chromecast). I switch the song on Spotify but the speakers keep playing the previous track as if Spotify could not instruct chromecast to play the next song.


  • Impossible to connect to chromecast, often

EDIT:  @user-removed : Connection issues. Sometime it's impossible to connect Spotify to chromecast. There is no more details to give here, I just click on the devise through google chrome extension and it doesn't work. 


  • Multiple symptoms of "desynchronisation" between chromecast and spotify

EDIT : @user-removed ; @Melody : many thanks for the attention given to this issue. Unfortunately the steps described below doesn't work. In more general terms, the connection between Spotify and Chromecast is very unstable and we are many people experiencing the same problem. Many thanks for your help.


It is extremely enoying, especialy when you restart Spotify, Chrome, and Chromecast (reboot) and nothing happens, it is still bugged. These bugs happen A LOT. When I have friend for dinner/party, it bugs and stops several times during the evening making it absolutely garbage. 


It destroys the image of Spotify, I'm seriously considering stop my premium account. 





Hey, @valive!

Thanks for letting me know! When you say that Spotify starts behaving weirdly, what do you mean by that? Would you be able to edit your post to give some more specifics? Even if it's just saying that the audio is cutting in or out, or that it's skipping every second song, it all helps the teams at Spotify find out what's happening 🙂



Status changed to: Need more info

Hey there, @valive

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. We're sorry to hear you're having trouble!

We'd recommend firstly double-checking the steps listed here.
These include checking that:

  • The device you're playing from is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
  • Your Chromecast device is fully up-to-date.
  • You have the latest version of Spotify installed.

Also, we'd recommend you:

  • Restart Spotify.
  • Close any other apps you’re not using. 
  • Restart your Chromecast app.
  • Restart your devices.
  • Restart your WiFi connection.
  • If possible, try a different WiFi connection.

If these don't do the trick, let us know 🙂


If anyone else is having this issue, please also be sure to click +VOTE at the top of this thread.

Many thanks,



Unfortunately those steps did not help. This started today with the latest Spotify update ( Are y'all fixing this as we speak? 


This has been an issue now for about 2 months from me, I am using Windows 10, latest Spotify, latest chromecast (google home) android app, 2nd gen chromecast. I would like to also note in case of some crazy off chance it might have an effect, I have in my router blocked googles 2 DNS that are defaulted on the chromecast itself, this is to prevent conflict with a VPN service I use.


This is how I replicate the bug every time, I stream to my TV from my app, if I press forward the app disconnects with chromecast, (besides the random pauses, disconnections that occur regularily) and in order to stream again I have to forward the track, press play and then connect back to the chromecast.


IF after the app disconnects (while song is paused) connect back to the chromecast and hit play, it will immediately disconnect again. The only way this works is if the song is already playing on my app on the phone, and then I connect to chromecast.


I used to also be able to control also from my PC, change songs, pause, etc... But I don't dare do that now, it just causes immediate disconnections.




Hey folks,


Thanks for the responses.


Just to double-check, are you on the latest Chromecast version (Chromecast 1.30)?

If you're using a VPN, we'd also recommend trying again without it, as we don't officially support those.


Keep us posted, so that we can continue looking into things here!




Hi Melody, chromecast is still at 1.29, I checked the app store and the update is not yet available for me, its supposed to update automatically so not sure if its still that new?


The VPN is off, what I was saying is that my DNS blocks google's default 2 DNS servers and uses ones from my VPN provider. I have previously tried reverting back to my old DNS for my local ISP and still had the same issues with Spotify and chromecast.


Mine is working again. It actually started to work shortly after I wrote my message here yesterday. I am listening to Spotify via Chromecast on my HiFi system right now. I did not do anything, so without knowing any better, I thank the Spotify Team for fixing this at least for me. 🙂


Hey @Potku, that’s awesome news. We're glad everything worked out for you 🙂


Also, @Thorplay could you try to update your Chromecast following these steps?


Hope to hear from you soon.


Last year I could cast from my android phone to chromecast without problems. Since beginning of this year I have a family account. Now I can start spotify to play on chromecast but as soon I want to skip a track, pause, etc. It stops the cast, displaying "Remote control, Use your phone or tablet to control the music on your TV." on my TV screen. Sometimes I can reconnect to chromecast, sometimes there is no way to reconnect and do I need to force close Spotify and restart it to reconnect.