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Spotify Premium sound quality on Samsung Smart TV (tizen)



I've seen this has been asked a few years ago, but it wasn't answered. So, the main problem is that I can't find a way to change the sound quality in the Spotify app on the new Samsung Smart TV. Is there an option, or does spotify still streams low bitrate music from that app? 

Higher bitrate music is the main reason I upgraded to Premium, but if I can't make use of it, I would have to cancel the subscribtion. So if there isn't an option to change the sound quality on the app (on Samsung Smart TV), are there any plans to add this option? When could we expect it to be available?



Hey @bodylip, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently the Smart TV application streams in 160kbps. We're working on bringing high quality streaming, but we don't have any more information about it yet.


We'll be closing this right now, but we'll pass on your comments to the right team. Stay tuned for any updates 🙂


I'm hoping too. because really, I can't see what kind of technical limitations is facing Spotify to make so much time to change this. It's not like asking for a special new feature, it's just about givin the customer what he's paying for....

Yes, exactly!!

@Aimee_T :Hello ! We are all expecting some (good) news. Do you know what's is going on ? Thanks !


Hi everybody.


I was wondering, as I saw that many users like me have issues with playing Spotify on a remote device, what was going on with fixing this. All apps sounds perfectly fine, and Netflix is displaying a nice 4K with 5.1 sound at home so it's clearly not a matter of connection. But when I try to use Spotify, everything sounds saturated and harsh, sound quality is bad and so. So it's clear that the app output setting is way to high (and we cannot adjust it as we use digital output). So do how know how long it will take ? I mean it's not a special crazy feature we ask for, but just to have what we are paying for working properly. Thanks in advance.


Wow, would be so nice to hear something from Spotify.

This is very, very dissapointing.


Sound is ab-so-lu-te-ly horrible.


That's crazy. At least they could tell us what technical difficulties they are facing or so. I made a new topic this morning in ongoing issues, asking once again what's going on...


Crazy they won't update this after all this is not usable at the moment and the technical solution can't be difficult. Still using attached Mac Mini for listening to Spotify at a normal quality.... 


Since status of this subject is 'closed', any other 'active' subjects on this matter?


I started a new topic yesterday asking what was going on. Don't hesitate to join me in the request...


This question was posted a year ago today and Spotify hasn't given a response beyond "stay tuned." I hope this new thread can provide a response as to why Samsung TVs still only stream Spotify at 160kbps.


I found a topic with the same requests (and answers from Spotify...) from...2012!! That's so crazy I can't believe it. I mean are we REALLY asking for a volume setting inside an audio and musical app ?!