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Spotify Premium sound quality on Samsung Smart TV (tizen)



I've seen this has been asked a few years ago, but it wasn't answered. So, the main problem is that I can't find a way to change the sound quality in the Spotify app on the new Samsung Smart TV. Is there an option, or does spotify still streams low bitrate music from that app? 

Higher bitrate music is the main reason I upgraded to Premium, but if I can't make use of it, I would have to cancel the subscribtion. So if there isn't an option to change the sound quality on the app (on Samsung Smart TV), are there any plans to add this option? When could we expect it to be available?



Hey @bodylip, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently the Smart TV application streams in 160kbps. We're working on bringing high quality streaming, but we don't have any more information about it yet.


We'll be closing this right now, but we'll pass on your comments to the right team. Stay tuned for any updates 🙂


Well i tried Deezer the Tv this morning, and it was working without distortion. So I'm starting the free month trial right now, and if I don't get a fix or an appropriate answer for Spotify within this month, well goodbye Spotify.

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Hi, @Runenlyd and @MusicMan943!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Could you let us know the model and operating system of your Samsung Smart TV? Also, do you remember if this started happening after a specific update or event? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Hello @MonicaM_Bogota and thanks for answering

My TV is a UE49MU7055, with latest version installed (1151). My Spotify version is 1.3.1.


I bought the TV end of December and the problem was already there. You should check around the forum it really seems the problem is here since many years. In fact there are 2 different problems here. 1) The bitrate f course, 160 kbps if really weak in terms of quality.  but 2) and that's really what stops people from listening to Spotify, is that the application output level too high, compared to every single app output level (Deezer, Youtube, Netflix...) so it really saturates the amplifier's input and makes the sound awful and harsh. 


(I'm sound technician. So if someone from the technical team wants to share with me, to test things and so, I'm ok, as long as we fix this thing asap. But really, tell the team to add an output volume setting within the app and this will be fixed, believe me)


Hey @stratosnn check the links above, there are many people with the same issues as me 😉 (and of course if I tell Samsung something is wrong with Spotify and not the other apps, they'll tell me to contact Spotify...)


Hey folks!


Thanks for getting back to us with all this info.


Let's try removing and adding the Spotify app to your TVs again to test it out. Also, try using Spotify Connect to play and control the application from your phone or a different device to see if it behaves the same.


All the best.


Hello @Alfredo, thanks for answering.


I did many reinstallation of Spotify (on my Tv it's impossible to completely remove Spotify). So I did one right now.

I can connect and navigate on Spotify with  mySamsung Note S4. But I can't control volume level. The same thing with Spotify on PC and on my IPad. Full control of Spotify on TV except for the volume setting and the sound is still harsh and totally distorted. There's a little icon showing that the device is changing the level on the TV app but nothing changes. (and for example if I change volume on youtube within any connected device, it works fine



Got it @Runenlyd.


If it's possible, can you send the audio output from your TV to an external speaker via an aux or optical cable? 


Let us know if you're still having issues after this. 


Hello @JuanSebastian. Thanks for answering.


That's a good idea I'll try to plug the analog Tv output to my amplifiers aux In. I'll try tomorrow and come back to you. 


Also, if you want, I can record the output from both analog and digital signals to my soundcard if you want to compare.