Spotify Premium sound quality on Samsung Smart TV (tizen)



I've seen this has been asked a few years ago, but it wasn't answered. So, the main problem is that I can't find a way to change the sound quality in the Spotify app on the new Samsung Smart TV. Is there an option, or does spotify still streams low bitrate music from that app? 

Higher bitrate music is the main reason I upgraded to Premium, but if I can't make use of it, I would have to cancel the subscribtion. So if there isn't an option to change the sound quality on the app (on Samsung Smart TV), are there any plans to add this option? When could we expect it to be available?



Hey @bodylip, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently the Smart TV application streams in 160kbps. We're working on bringing high quality streaming, but we don't have any more information about it yet.


We'll be closing this right now, but we'll pass on your comments to the right team. Stay tuned for any updates 🙂


Thank you for keeping us posted @bodylip, and @Runenlyd!


We've merged the threads about Samsung Smart TV output distortion. We really appreciate your feedback about this and we’ll get them passed onto the right team. Remember to stay tuned for any more updates.


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Thanks @MariaCamila. Waiting for news. There was an update of Spotify this morning (1.4.0) but it's still not fixed...we really count on you ! 🙂


And it is now april 7th and still nothing!!! Seriously? Apparently you do not care about your customers. Deeply dissapointed at Spotify.


A few weeks updates at all? @MaríaCamila any updates from the 'right team' you've passed our requests on too? At least let us know when they will be able to handle this request. We pay a premium fee for premium sound quality...don't you think? 



May 1st... and nothing.... I can understand when there are blocking issues, but the least you could do is communicate something, anything!


 3 weeks further, nothing yet.... amazing how bad this spotify community/moderators work. If so far Spotify refuses to communicate anything, should we check with Samsung? Or do they say it's a Spotify issue? I mean ...its is also an advantage for Samsung to have apps in the store that work properly...right? 


Would also like to see high quality streaming on the samsung tv app, especially when logged in as a premium user. High quality stream is an advertised feature for a premium user on the Spotify : Samsung TV webpage (, so it should be made available.


It looks like an update was released (1.5.3)....that might have solved the issue. Can anyone confirm?

Hi. Tried yesterday nothing changed about the sound... still too loud and
saturated... damm it seems so overly complicated to put a volume setting in
an audio app....

Same here, no improvement in audio quality in the new version....seems like still streaming in 96 kbps instead of 320.... @MaríaCamila any updates from the spotify This issue has been around way to long....