Spotify Radio won't start sometimes, delayed alerts uncaught

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Device: iphone6s, iphone5, hp elitebook (windows 7), macbook (osx yosemite) 


Operating System Version: ios 9.1, osx yosemite, windows 7


Spotify Version:


Description: When attempting to start playlist radio, some larger playlists do not allow for radio to start. Click on start radio does nothing, and a significant time later stacked alerts will flood the screen (even if in a different section). Could be slow ajax response, but I'm either on fast wifi (100mbs at work, 105 at home, or fast LTE - no other issues with songs). I also see this problem with new artists (radio wont start - which makes more sense and is likely a feature rather than a bug). I think there needs to be better error handling around the radio functionality, and if it is unavailable for new artists, disable the button or provide more clear messaging. 


I first started noticing this when radio would not autoplay when going to radio station (had to click start radio), sorry unsure of the version. 


To reproduce:

  1. Start playlist radio on larger playlist + 150 songs (for me its hit and miss, some start some dont)  
  2. Button unresponsive  
  1. (Different Error) Repeat above with new artists/artists with small collections - general error appears before you get to radio page




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Have a great day ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hey @trwill,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


What device, operating system and Spotify version this is happening on?


Can you let us know the name of the playlists you're experiencing this on? Also, an example of a new artist?


We'll take a closer look. 






Hi Pricilla, thanks for the reply. I have seen it on multiple devices, but actually I'm seeing it at this very moment on an iphone 6s (ios 9.1) with one of my own playlists 'smoothsailing'.


A good example of a new song would be 'Gold' by Kiiara, but really I see this with any new artists/artist with limited history. 


Screenshots of both attached below: radio wont start.png

new artist error.png




Thanks for the information provided.


Can you try to reinstall Spotify following the steps here to see if it helps with the playlist? Does it happen on 3G/4G and WiFi?


Regarding not being able to start a station with new artists, this is expected and we'll pass your feedback on to the right team. Feel free to also suggest this idea here and get support from other users. 


Let us know how it goes. 

Status changed to: Not An Issue

CHanged to not an issue as their has been no reply from users 


Have a great day ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Idk why it's closing for no reply, I mentioned my connections in the initial ticket. Reinstalling doesn't seem like a viable solution to the bug, which is spanning across multiple devices and OS's. Yes, I did try turning it off and on again.