Spotify Search Bar - Text Entered Backwards

Status: Not Right Now


- Free


- United States


- MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012)

Operating System

- macOS High Sierra (10.13.4)



- Text is entered backward in the search bar.  In addition, one is unable to highlight the text with ⌘+A.


Steps to Recreate Issue

1. Open Spotify in windowed mode

1. Type text in the search bar

2. Highlight the text and without letting go, drag the pointer to the left and above the search bar

3. Begin typing and the text will be entered in reverse order (cursor remains at the front of the search bar)


Note: (Not every location one drags to yields this strange bug)


Hey there folks,


We really appreciate all your reports regarding this issue.


Our developers are aware and looking into this. While we don't have an exact timeline regarding a fix, we'd recommend making sure that the app is always updated to the latest version so you won't miss it.


You can find more info about this here.




Someone's advised me that Spotify might be inheriting bugged language behaviour from your browser's language settings, even if your browser itself isn't typing backwards. I've run all other pending system and program updates (not including any changes to Spotify itself) and it seems to have stopped it. Might be a coincidence, but might be worth a try.


This is still a bug. It's pretty clearly a behavioral bug in how the cursor focus works in the search box. If you start typing and type too quickly, the cursor keeps pinning itself to the left side of the search box between each letter, and you end up with eimaj instead of jamie  If you type at a much more deliberate speed, it works fine. So, if you put a slight pause after you type that first character in the box, it should work fine.


Of course a) people don't naturally do that, if they are experienced typists who know what they want to search for (lots of people, lots of the time) and b) this is a solved problem in literally every other app with a search box that gets cursor focus by default. Come on, Spotify Mac team, you can lick this one!


The issue is back for me. If it's browser related it's up to Spotify to detect it and find a solution or at least acknowledge this is a bug. It smells like BUG from a 10 miles distance.


+1 for bug issue - I'm on OS X 10.13.6 and see this recurring pretty regularly. I'm using latest build of desktop app and only way to fix it is by quitting and re-opening app.


Update: when issue occurs I can get rid of it but playing something else > Browse > play new track. Then re-try using search bar and text types correctly. 


I also am not seeing the bug with Spotify, running on macOS Mojave 10.14.2!


Urgh, as of last night it's back for me too, after four weeks of thinking I'd escaped it.


No solution for this issue yet. It's been there for too long. Spotify, please pay some serious attention on this. This issue compromises the entire app usability.


I tried provoking this issue, which I have never experienced before myself, so forgive my ridiculous intrusion here. I would guess the Best option is to always use the latest build of the desktop app. I am currently on in Europe with no search bar issues.

How many replies in a thread, does it take for moderators or Rock stars to provide a helping remark or show willingness to relay this type of GUI-issues?


Andreas, this is how the issue is replicated:

Begin selecting the text in the search box by dragging from right to left, then release your mouse way beyond the search box, the farther the better to cause the bug. It happens regardless if the mouse is released while it is over the spotify window or not.


Temporary workaround: drag your mouse from left to right, although it is counter intuitive.