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Spotify Updater/Installer Error







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Windows 10 64 Bit


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new update has arrived. but, I always get the same error. "It seems like the Spotify Updater wasn't able to start properly. Do you want to wait a bit more?"



Hey everyone,


This is now fixed. If you're still not able to install or update the app, create a new thread and we'll help you from there. 


All the best! 🙂 


Thank you.. it worked now 🙂



I have the same problem on windows 7. I have a character in my username ö maybe that´s my problem. On my other computer with windows 7 I have another username and that one updatet without a problem. Maybe this is a stupid thought but if I change my username on the laptop with the update problem and uninstalled and then downloaded and installed spotify again would that solve the problem without for me to creating new folders ? Or is this a stupid thought ? I mean the username when I log in to my laptop. Not the username when i log in to spotify.


Apply the solution. we have reported a spotify to this situation. I hope we don't need to do this in the next updates.


   Hi. 🙂

   Yesterday the Spotify app on my computer was about to update when I opened it, however something went wrong and I got an information saying that it seems like the installer isn't working or something like this, I can't remember nor retrace the exact message. It asked me if I want to wait some more and I had the option to try again or cancel the update. I tried again for a couple of times but the problem continued so I cancelled the update and used Spotify with the older version.

   It continued to try to update today with the same result so I tried reinstalling it.

   But when I open the installer it just closes after a short while and the app isn't installed, after multiple trials. I also had the old installer from when I last installed Spotify on this laptop a couple months ago, so I tried with it, and after opening it it looked like it is installing, the progress bar was showing, but after it was apparently complete it just shut down and Spotify of course wasn't installed.

   Is it some problem with this newest version, or rather something on my side? Will be extremely grateful for any help.

   also, I wonder whether there was indeed an update because from what I could read on Spotify website the last update was on 19 September, and I use Spotify very regularly so I'm pretty sure I'd already had it updated since September...

   I know that probably the info about which version of Spotify I've been using would be helpful and relevant but since I don't have it installed at the moment, I can't remember it, but I'd assume the one before the last update.

   Thanks so much in advance for any help and suggestions, it's really important to get it working back, and I have no idea what I could do. 🙂





There is another thread in this forum wich describes the problem, it is the same in windows 10. Look there for more info. I have also this problem in windows 7. It is some kind of bug that stops the updater to start properly. I uninstalled spotify did a restart of my laptop and downloaded spotify again from their website. It did install but it was the old version so when the blue dot appeared and I tried to update it didn´t work.

In the other thread a solution is described so look there and see if you will try that.


Found solution:

Look for "SpotifyFullSetup" at your main drive (probably will appear at C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\). Copy that .exe file and paste it somewhere else outside C:\Users\<your-username>
Run it and it will work.



I tried searching for "SpotifyFullSetup", but no files were found, and also for "Spotify" but the only two files that appeared were the two installers I mentioned, I also searched manually in the location you mentioned and in the temporary folders but the only thing with "Spotify" in the name that I found was an empty folder which I deleted. I have also checked the option to show hidden folders and files.


Hey, I updated my OS to WIN 10 and seens like the problem solved.



**bleep** happens... i looked for the update folder but mine doesn't have... this is so ridiculous that i've to waste my time on a premium paid programme to be successful for updating itself. 

Salak saçma bir iş programa bi ton para verip update yapsin diye rezillik çekiyoruz resmen... bende update klasorü yok ama mavi nokta işini deneyeceğim... umarim işe yarar..

About spotify kısmından güncellemeyi indir. Ama yeniden başlat deme kendin
kapat. Update klasörü gelecektir.