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Spotify Updater/Installer Error







Operating System

Windows 10 64 Bit


My Question or Issue

new update has arrived. but, I always get the same error. "It seems like the Spotify Updater wasn't able to start properly. Do you want to wait a bit more?"



Hey everyone,


This is now fixed. If you're still not able to install or update the app, create a new thread and we'll help you from there. 


All the best! 🙂 

After, dont restart. Quit spotify and read solution.

Tried again.


This time Blue Dot appeared.


I followed the instructions again and now it succeeded.


Wonderful. Thanks for several advices!


Is this going to be the normal update procedure from now on? (I don't see smileys in this forum, only these terrible captcha's).



Is this going to be the normal update procedure from now on?

I don't know...

As long as Spotify do not fix the special caracters problem, we will have to update manually.

I reported the problem to the technical support, but i don't know when they will fix it. 😉

Did the "technical support" give any reaction?


Yes : they offered me one month of Premium for the solution, LOL !!

And they said that they will infoirm the engineers...

One month of Premium: you are a very lucky person!


Well, as you see, i help a lot our community. 😉

In that case one month of Premium is not enough.


They should give you at least a year.


Your solving helped. The difference was that path where spotify is installed on my pc is not as you showed. it was like this c:/mydoc/appdata/local/spotify

may it will helped someone


This is perhaps because the first time you installed Spotify, you have modified the default intall path. 😉