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Spotify Updater/Installer Error







Operating System

Windows 10 64 Bit


My Question or Issue

new update has arrived. but, I always get the same error. "It seems like the Spotify Updater wasn't able to start properly. Do you want to wait a bit more?"



Hey everyone,


This is now fixed. If you're still not able to install or update the app, create a new thread and we'll help you from there. 


All the best! 🙂 


Hello Guido,


If Spotify would be the only program on our computer, "updating" our name would be a good solution.

That's a new issue coming out of the wrong solution to a pesty bug.


If I change my username I don´t think that is a solution. Because on microsofts own support forum it says that changing your username do not affect the name in the folder that you gave when you first configured your computer the old name is still there. I have not tried it and won´t be doing so because this is clearly an issue created by spotify and therefore it´s yours (spotify)  responsibility to solve this problem as soon as possible. It has already taken to long time since this issue first occurred.

That's correct. And even if you do manage to change the name on the user
folder it will cause other problems



Yeah and thats why i´m waiting eagerly for spotify to fix this. Without us less technical users has to mess around in ours computers and maybe cause other problems that might inflict more important things than Spotify.


I have had the "It seems like" update error for a while and stupidly decided that I should make a fresh install of Spotify. Useless, the installer won't start. I also found the full installer from another post in here and tried that, but just as the online installer, after double clicking, absolutely nothing happened.

I have a "special character" in my account name, which is probably the problem, so I tried MOVING THE INSTALLER FILE TO THE ROOT DIRECTORY (c:\) and it worked!!

It seems like taking the installer outside of the scope of the user account solved it.

Note : only works for the full, offline installer, I tried this before with the online installer, and the only difference was, that the installer actually downloaded the files, but after that, again nothing happened. (Probably because the online installer downloads the installation files to a location under the user account.)

Solution already found? But we waiting spotify fixed it.

Well, it was "a" solution, at least for me. It allows you to reinstall Spotify so you can use it again. The update function ist still broken though.


Yes it is possible to use an old installer. The problem is getting the
latest version of Spotify to work if you update after being prompted.

Yes bro, this is a solution. But BugraFelekoglu found this solution before, and i select solution. This is not a new solution. I am so sorry 😞

@Waiter wrote:

Well, it was "a" solution, at least for me. It allows you to reinstall Spotify so you can use it again. The update function ist still broken though.