Spotify Updater/Installer Error







Operating System

Windows 10 64 Bit


My Question or Issue

new update has arrived. but, I always get the same error. "It seems like the Spotify Updater wasn't able to start properly. Do you want to wait a bit more?"



Hey everyone,


This is now fixed. If you're still not able to install or update the app, create a new thread and we'll help you from there. 


All the best! 🙂 


No, no: I saw blue dot, but no update folder.


I always read carefully!


I updated the solution with this precision :


If the Update folder is not there, this is because you tried to update from Spotify. Try again the solution. 😉


Sorry to say, BlueManCa, but I tried many ways of updating; via Spotify was only one effort.


It just does not work, believe me.


Do you have an accent in your name? (I do).




The update must be done MANUALLY : when the BLUE DOT, quit Spotify without updating, and follow the instructions i have written. 😉


That's what I did: manually. (Downloaded several installers).


Only old installer works. Newer installers: totally nothing happens.


Dont dowload : let Spotify do it, and wait for the BLUE DOT.

Then quit Spotify and follow the procedure, step by step, EXACTLY as written !

It worked for many users ! 😉


Thanks, it´s working, Update folder appeared after I went into spotify and clicked:


"3Dots(LeftTopCorner) -> Help -> About Spotify -> ''Newer version of Spofity is ready'' -> Click here to download -> Wait until downloaded and Update folder appears in your directory.



Nice 😉

Nice work!!! Thank you BleuManCa and e08k. I missed that part about waiting for blue dot - so reading was my problem 🙂 That manual is great. (sorry for my version of english, I am trying to go better..)


This program is totally crazy.


After looking at “About” again, “downloading new version” began.


No “Blue Dot” appeared.


It said “Spotify is now updated to the newest version (.96). Restart the program”.


“Surprise”, I thought.


After that: the old version is still there.