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Spotify Updater/Installer Error







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Windows 10 64 Bit


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new update has arrived. but, I always get the same error. "It seems like the Spotify Updater wasn't able to start properly. Do you want to wait a bit more?"



Hey everyone,


This is now fixed. If you're still not able to install or update the app, create a new thread and we'll help you from there. 


All the best! 🙂 


U're the man! 


eyvallah hallettim.



I will wait until hopefully, spotify will fix the bug in the next update. I just keep the old version until then. I don´t want to messaround creating new folders and so on.

For some years ago an update to my antivirus program created the problem that the AV-program blocked itself to update to new AV-definitions it took a month or more for the company to figure that out. A workaround was found by another user. So we could get the updates. Nothing surprises me anymore. 


Found a lot easier workaround, run the spotify setup downloader, download the program and go to windows search and search for SpotifyFullSetup.exe

Run it and install Spotify, whoila, problem solved.


we need to download all our offline music again


new update arrived, problem is continuously. Spotify authorized persons to sleep?


I made a misstake today I thought if I uninstalled and then downloaded the new version from spotify website it should solve the problem. But no way, the new version dowloaded but didn´t install. Found a link here in the forum for a full spotify install. And yes it did install. But now i´m back to version 1.09.390....... And when it shows that a new version is ready to download the same update problem is there. I,m so tired of this mess. Why can´t spotify company people read this forum and do something about this bug.


Sorry I meant version


yes...that's a good question....I know that Spotify knows about this problem, but it seems that they don't give a **bleep**....anyways...I think I might found the solution....delete spotify completely from the computer, then download Spotify from windows store...the version I got today is (Windows Store version)....this might be the new new updatesymbol has yet arrived it looks good.....


So I was having the same issue with the updater and decided to reinstall Spotify, but now after uninstalling it I can't get the .exe file to run--neither the normal installation nor the full setup. I tried running SpotifyFullSetup.exe with my antivirus protection turned off, after cleaning up the AppData folder and restarting my computer, etc. Nothing worked. Other .exe files run fine.


Anyone have any ideas?