Spotify Web Player Keeps Skipping


Toshiba laptop


Operating System Version:

 Windows 10

Spotify Version:



 Spotify Web Player keeps skipping songs on my playlist

To reproduce:

No idea





Additional information:



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Hey there!

Is this going on when using a home or work connection?

If you log in from a different device, or using a different account, does the same happen?

Keep us posted. 




Since no info has been provided in over 2 weeks, we'll be closing this for now.



Status changed to: Closed

hi there! i have been using spotify recently and have encountered a lot of problems for about a week. one of them has to do with this post, where i will be listening to a song and in the middle of it, the player skips ahead to the next song. i do have gapless playback and crossfade enabled, but it shouldn't be skipping in the middle of the song. another problem I have been having is, despite having a premium account, i cannot listen to my songs offline, even though they are downloaded. everything is just grayed out. i have logged out/logged back in, force stopped the app, cleared the cache, updated the app, but nothing works. someone help!