Spotify Wrapped 2018 page does not load

I can’t seem to be able to use the Spotify wrapped feature. No matter where I log in, like I even had my cute perfect boyfriend to try it and he still not able to do it 😞 please please help me guys or i’ll Faint 😕


Hey all,


Good news. This issue should now be fixed.


Please try to load the page and try it in an incognito browsing session if something is still not working.


Hope it does! Please let us know the following if it didn't:


  • On what device(s) this happens
  • OS version
  • Which browser(s) you tried

Thanks and have a nice day.


Hi, isn't loading for me on any device.

I have tried Linux & Windows desktop on a variety of browsers & on iOS Safari. Please help.




Fixed? I just tried on my Samsung S10 on the incognito and Normal versions of Brave and Chrome web browser four Android  Alsop got my friend to try on his iPhone and nothing. Spotify wrapped website sends me to spotify app on phone, wrapped on spotify app sends me to spotify browser on what seems to be an infinite loop  Also got an error message many times so no luck.


Really want my 2018 wrapped ! 



Gig Goer

Nope. Still not working. I can't do it on a mac, onmy on my Android ZTE Maven on Google Chrome


I can't use this feature either. I use an Android Xiaomi Mi8 Lite and it just doesn't load. I've tried to reinstall the app and still didn't work out


Can't open Wrapped 2019 in my Samsung S7 Edge


Doesn't load for me. Nothing happens when clicking on the banner on the app. When opening via browser, it just opens the app's front page. Using android 9, latest app version installed.


I can access the page in incognito tho.


Twitter link also just opens the app's front page (??! 🤓🤪🙃).


Could you also make it so that I don't have to start over any time I accidentally leave the site (maybe use the history api so that back button goes back to the previous page of the wrapped page)? 


I'm going over the results for the fourth time since and still haven't gotten to the end. It's really nice to have these statistics tho! So thanks 😌❤️


I can't access any of my Wrapped's??

Please Help 😞

Casual Listener

Mine is still crashing the app whenever I click on the wrapped story. Can't open it at all. 

On android


Hey folks,


We can see a lot of users are still visiting this page even after Wrapped 2018 has ended.


We've now closed this thread, but if you have any issues with your Wrapped this year, we'd recommend you look for ongoing issues that are currently under investigation or start a new topic in the relevant help board here.



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