Spotify Wrapped page does not load

I can’t seem to be able to use the Spotify wrapped feature. No matter where I log in, like I even had my cute perfect boyfriend to try it and he still not able to do it :( please please help me guys or i’ll Faint :\


Hey all,


Good news. This issue should now be fixed.


Please try to load the page and try it in an incognito browsing session if something is still not working.


Hope it does! Please let us know the following if it didn't:


  • On what device(s) this happens
  • OS version
  • Which browser(s) you tried

Thanks and have a nice day.

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I think its something wrong with the accounts, I have tried to get my Spotify wrapped 2018 on multiple browsers and devices I even tried incognito mode and it would not load.

Casual Listener

- Google Pixel

- Android version 9

- Google Chrome


I have tried the whole list; the incognito mode, switched browser, logged out, changed device, restarted my device and all that jazz. It has not worked. I have also sent in my username regarding the issue, however it is really annoying as I would like to watch my personal music habits/history right away. I hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible. I really enjoyed the 2018 Wrapped music playlist with all my top songs of the year, but what I am really interested in is my stats. As a Spotifylover, that is the cool bit. 


Attempted on Desktop and mobile.

Chrome and IE

Windows 7

  • On what device(s) this happens
  • Galaxy S6, Galaxy A7 2017, on my pc
  • OS version
  • Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Windows 7
  • Which browser(s) you tried
  • Internal Browser (Standard), Chrome
  • I think the problem is my account because I tried on my friend's phone, after he saw his Spotify Wrapped, but it didn't work/load the page (on my account obviously).

I have tried Wrapped on my macbook pro using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  All three failed. It also failed on my iphone. I have an iphone X (1st release) using the most current OS version.  I don't know if it makes a difference, but I have a family account.  My son uses the primary (main) account and Wrapped works fine for him. I'm using one of the secondary accounts and I cannot get Wrapped to work anywhere (macbook, iphone, multiple browsers, etc.).


Won't work for me on a variety of devices and browsers:


iPhone X iOS 12.1 Safari

Dell Laptop Windows 10 Pro, tried both chrome & edge browsers and all tips (cleared cache, cookies, icognito) -- nada


Are y'all *ACTUALLY* investigating this?? 


Tells me it's not working right now and to try again later. I've logged in through my Facebook, through my email, on my phone (Moto Z Play Android 7.1.1 using Google Chrome app), on my Macbook Air (High Sierra 10.13.6) using Google Chrome (in regular window, incognito window, and after clearing cache/cookies). Nothing has worked. 


Galaxy S8+

Android version 8.0.0

Google Chrome/Mozilla/etc


Tried all your recommended solutions to no avail.

Keep getting the error message Hmmm, some things not working.