Spotify Wrapped page does not load

I can’t seem to be able to use the Spotify wrapped feature. No matter where I log in, like I even had my cute perfect boyfriend to try it and he still not able to do it 😞 please please help me guys or i’ll Faint 😕


Hey all,


Good news. This issue should now be fixed.


Please try to load the page and try it in an incognito browsing session if something is still not working.


Hope it does! Please let us know the following if it didn't:


  • On what device(s) this happens
  • OS version
  • Which browser(s) you tried

Thanks and have a nice day.

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@bbkristians wrote:

I got it to work by changing the language (Dutch to English) in the bottom right corner.


Thanks man! 🙂


Worked when i switched from to  (worked with /FI to) so might be wort a try for some of you guys


@bbkristians oh thanks ill try that out



You guys i finally got mine to work. I had to use different internet connection. After failing with home wifi and cellular internet, i tried my building wifi and it WORKED!! 

So u guys try should try another internet connection. Best of luck


I think Spotify fixed the error because it now suddenly worked for me. Thank you!
(Had tried using /en/ instead of /de/ and different networks before without success)

Not applicable

Yeah, same for me. Works great. Thanks!

Same here, think it finally got resolved!

Fixed for me

Fixed for me too

Ok, if the problem persists, you may try to change the language to English (International). On my device and on my friend's devices, in this way, works.


Hey everyone.


Our tech folks are still investigating this, thanks for bearing with us! 


We've seen several reports lately that the issue is fixed for some users. Just to confirm, can you give it another try after trying the steps below?

  • Try with another browser/device/network
  • Try in an incognito window,
  • Clear browser cache and cookies of your browser,
  • Restart your device

If none of these do the trick, please let us know some details about the device this is occuring on.


We'll make sure to pass it on to our developers. 


Thanks again!