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Spotify app crashing on Apple Watch

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports of the app crashing on Apple Watch Series 3 after upgrading to version 8.7.84.

Hey there,


Thanks for the patience while our tech team looked into this. We're happy to announce this has been deemed fixed by our tech team for the app version of 8.7.88.


If you still experience this issue, please update your app to the latest version. If this doesn't help, we encourage you to post in the relevant Help Board, where we can have a closer look at your experience.




Same here since two days


I’m also having this issue. I contacted apple support and we tried every single solution on the planet but none worked so they said to contact Spotify support. 😞


How long has this been happening and what version of iOS and WatchOS are you running? 

Today was the first time I noticed a problem. I updated iOS from 16.1 to
16.1.1 yesterday, but don't know if it's related. I'm pretty sure the Watch
app was still working on November 10th, if that helps. Today was the first
time I used the Watch app since then, so I don't know exactly when
it stopped working.

iOS 16.1.1
WatchOS 8.7.1

November 10th: Watch app working properly.
November 11th-November 22: I did not use the Watch app.
November 22: Updated iOS from 16.1 to 16.1.1
November 23: Tried the Watch app, which did not work.

I have this issue with Apple Watch S3. latest software. Help


I am having the same issue, Apple Watch 3 (8.7.1) , Iphone 12 on 15.7.1. even unpaird my watch then paired back and reset Network settings.


I have the same issue, same version - here is a vidoe of the issue

Watch is 8.7.1 with iphone 13 on 16.1. App stopped working last 1 week on watch

I have same issue from 1 week and it is really frustrating 



Need very urgent help.. my watch dont open sportify anymore