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Spotify app crashing on Apple Watch

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports of the app crashing on Apple Watch Series 3 after upgrading to version 8.7.84.

Hey there,


Thanks for the patience while our tech team looked into this. We're happy to announce this has been deemed fixed by our tech team for the app version of 8.7.88.


If you still experience this issue, please update your app to the latest version. If this doesn't help, we encourage you to post in the relevant Help Board, where we can have a closer look at your experience.




Spotify app on Apple Watch Series 3 (Running 8.7.1) with iPhone 8 (Running iOS 16.1.1) crashes on startup since more than a week. Tried rebooting and reinstalls - both didn’t work.


Also todays update ( didn’t fix it.


Hello @MihailY  , I am premium subscriber and last 1 week my watch doesn't support Sportify and no response from your team? What kind of regression you are producing with new updates? You were suppose to be agile and to fix bugs very quick , Once you loose reliability , it goes for ever.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


The relevant team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix to be released soon. In the meantime, we recommend to stay on version 8.7.82 or earlier (if possible) until the issue is resolved.




And I have already re-set my apple watch from scratch, thinking it's another bug with apple devices 😡




I use version 8.7.1 and have the same problem. How come?


Watch app has started crashing after 15 seconds of downloaded song playback, iPhone 12 Pro Max on iOS 16.1.1 and Apple Watch Series 7 on watchOS 9.1. Running app version 8.7.86


The app was working on my watch perfectly on tuesday when I went for a run. However, thursday it wouldn't start regardless of what I tried. I deleted the app on both phone and watch, re installed it, rebooted both devices multiple times to no use. The app also crashes if I try to open it while something is playing on the iphone.


I'm using a series 3 Apple Watch. Spotify App is unable to open, seems like it tries to but either crashes or doesn't open. I have the latest iOS on my phone (16.11) as far as the phone will tell me. I have the latest watchOS according to the app (8.7.1) and it is not providing an option to update it. I have restarted both watch and iPhone. I have deleted and reinstalled apps on both. I have unpaired and paired the watch, starting all over again.


The Spotify app still will not open. When I tap the Spotify icon it goes to the center of the screen with the white dots starting to move around it in a circle then it goes back to the main screen of app icons. When I press the button on the side, Spotify shows as one of the open apps. However, when I select it, the icon goes to the middle with the white dots starting to move around it, but then it goes back to my home screen.   


This is so frustrating as it seemed to be working until Sunday/Monday or this week (11/20 or 11/21). I chose this Apple watch and Spotify so I can download songs onto the watch for taking on my runs. Any ideas?



I'm having the exact same issue as the above comment from @rekastens down to the last day it worked and everything I've done to try to resolve it. We need our music for our runs Spotify please handle this issue with urgency.


I have done EVERYTHING. So frustrating! It’s made me stop wearing my my watch because I’m that annoyed