Spotify app crashing on Apple Watch

Status: Fixed

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We're receiving reports of the app crashing on Apple Watch Series 3 after upgrading to version 8.7.84.

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Thanks for the patience while our tech team looked into this. We're happy to announce this has been deemed fixed by our tech team for the app version of 8.7.88.


If you still experience this issue, please update your app to the latest version. If this doesn't help, we encourage you to post in the relevant Help Board, where we can have a closer look at your experience.




Same thing version 8.7.1 on my Apple Watch Series III. iOS version 16.1.1 iPhone 13. I’ve done everything from uninstalling Spotify from my phone and from my watch. I even did a reset on the Watch three times. I have restored a back up of the watch the first time and that didn’t work restart another back up from another day and that didn’t work And I even started off as a fresh install on the watch. And that didn’t work either I went as far as resetting my whole phone and nothing to avail. Same thing happens with Spotify. It looks like it’s going to open up. Do you have the Spotify icon with the three dots circling as if it’s going to open  And then it goes to a blank screen. I’ve also contacted Apple support and I was led to contact Spotify and now I see that there is a good amount of users that are having the same issues with these updates from Spotify. Please come up with the fix

  1. Hi 
  2. I’ve tried to open up my Spotify on my Apple Watch Series 3 and when I do it starts to load but in 2 seconds it dissapears. The version I’m using is 8.7.1. I can listen to my music on my iPhone 14 but that is about it.
  3. could you help lease.

Yes, You are right


Any tips or resolution to this problem? Fitness instructor here that heavily relies on spotify app for timing on my phone!


Hello, I have had the same problem for over 2 weeks now. It is really starting to become a problem.

I hav updated everything and nothing works. Please fix this!!


Same issue here. I've tried re-installing app and all that stuff. The problem started after the iOs update. Looking forward to a fix! I can't unlike the songs that I don't remember liking from my watch. 😞


Just installed the new Update ( - still no improvement. Why is so hard to revert the problematic changes?


Why is so hard to revert the problematic changes? 1 week and counting...


I have a Gen 3 Apple Watch. I have used Spotify for 3 years on it without any problems. However, after the most recent Spotify app update happened, I can’t get the Spotify app to open on my Apple Watch. Both devices have been rebooted, and have the latest software updates, and I have deleted and redownloaded the app on both devices, signed out and back into my account. Nothing has worked. Any ideas/fixes??


hi any fix for Apple Watch 3 or how to revert down a version ? 

Spotify app for Apple Watch - loads for a second with circle and then crashes

Spotify app for Apple Watch - loads for a second with circle and then crashes. Any way to fix this? I've tried restarting watch, uninstalling and installing app. Doesnt work. Apple Watch and phone are all updated to latest iOS.