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Spotify app not loading on Android devices

We're receiving reports from Android users who say that when launched, the app gets stuck on the Spotify logo, refusing to load any further. This is being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




No puedo reproducir canciones desde mi Android. Desinstalé la aplicación, reinicié el teléfono, y sigue sin funcionar. 


Samsung Galaxy A50

Android 11

Spotify 8.7. 44.968


same problem here


samsung s20 ultra 


Very annoying bug, tried everything over and over.. urgente fixing 


Galaxy A50 

This morning tried to play from a playlist in the playlist was empty. Looked in all playlists... were empty. Web player and online both work but the app does not. Uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared data, cleared cache, nothing.


It will get past the logo screen but will not search will not play anything even if I don't log in.




Huawei P30

EMUI 12.0.0

Spotify version:


Tried everything I can think of.


Deleting Data/Cache

Restarting phone

Updating apps

Deleting apps

Optimising Phone

Allowing all permissions

Still just hangs at black screen with green logo. 




I'm glad that im not only one encountering this problem, i logged out of my account to switch to a different account and now im stuck at the Spotify logo. It's been 3 days since.


Im on Vivo 1820

Running android 8.1

Using the latest version of the app


Galaxy A50 

Android 11

Spotify Version

As the same as Birdman70, opened the app 2 days ago, and even though I'm able to log in successfully, all the playlists appear empty. If I search for any song on the browser they appear and won't play it though. 


my spotify has been stuck on the loading screen ever since i signed out of my account yesterday, i've tried everything i can find online so wondering if anyone has any other ideas. It all happened very randomly.


I have a Xiaomi 11


I have tried to Reinstall the app several times, restart my phone, Clear cache and data, Open from Spotify in Chrome, allow all permissions, Sign out of Spotify in Chrome, please help me 😞 





Pour moi le problème est survenu hier, le 1 juillet 2022 après mettre déconnecter justement pour régler un autre problème que j'avais ! ( celui de la notification qui n'est pas présente sur l'écran de verrouillage quand j'éteins mon téléphone avec spotify en arrière plan) 


Mais depuis cette déconnections, quand je lance spotify je suis bloquer à l'écran de chargement avec le logo

J'ai donc fais les manipulation suivante : 

-mise à jour de spotify (dernière version ) 

-desinstaler réinstaller 

-redémarrer mon téléphone( un Samsung galaxie A51)

Mais rien ne fonctionne, même mes réveille ne fonctionne plus.


Thanks for looking into this, this has been a bummer for me for the past 2 days or so!

My device's make, model and OS version:

Make- Samsung

Model- (I bet it's because it's old😭 getting a new model really soon) S9

The version of Spotify you're running-

The troubleshooting done so far:

  • Restarted Spotify
  • Checked all wifi, data, Hotspot connections/usage
  • Restarted device
  • Cleared Cache & Data
  • Re-installed Spotify App
  • De-selected "optimize battery usage" in Spotify settings (through Android menu, not app)
  • Checked account settings on to see if anything could affect app loading
  • Exited phone power-saving mode
  • Verified phone has sufficient storage space

 - EH


^^^Sorry, forgot to add my phone's android version (10)