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Spotify can't play songs from MULTIPLE artists

I've been using premium for over a year now and I never came across this problem before.  For some reason, my Spotify cannot play any songs from multiple artists and groups.  This problem is happening on my desktop and my mobile app.  Even though the songs aren't greyed out, I still can't play the music and it just says the song is not available when it clearly is.  This has been going on for over a week now and I've just been waiting for an update to fix this but that never came.   

Hey folks!


Hopefully everything's working fine now. It's been a while since the last update on the post, so we'll be closing it for now. If you guys still need assistance, feel free to get back to us at any moment.


Take care!


Hello! I have the same problem, can't play music of SIA, hope you fix this soon, thanks.


I have the same problem on my desktop and my phone. If it helps I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - Android 7.0. Version of Spotify armV7


UPDATE: So, I have Musicxmatch installed on my phone and synchronized with my Spotify premium account. Although, the issue persists on the Spotify app, the account works perfectly on Musicxmatch. Also (I don't know if this is relevant) I've noticed that the songs/artist that I can't listen to, some how are the ones I listen to the most?




Yep, same problem here! For about two weeks now already... Can't play music of several artists. 


Having same issue, unable to play any Metalica songs. Tried reinstalling but to no avail. I'm running spotify v8.4.23.784 and android v8.0. 


Same issue here as well. Affecting the software on my PC, laptop, and mobile. I'll likely cancel Premium if this persists. 


I've been having the same problem! Longtime premium user here, and multiple songs by multiple artists won't play (too many to mention, spanning all sorts of genres and record labels) giving me an error message saying the song is not available. It's been going on for about two or three weeks. I didn't look into it at first because I assumed it would be corrected quickly, but it hasn't been. I'm on the verge of cancelling (at least until this issue is fixed) because my son's free account can play these same songs without issue! What's going on, Spotify? I feel like I and others affected should be refunded for a month's worth of premium, this is ridiculous. 


I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 7, iOS 11.03, I’m a premium user. I can’t listen to any Leonard Cohen. The Spotify app is version


Same here, in my case so far is nirvana and Metallica, but I haven't searched for more...