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Spotify crashing when switching output device






Operating System

Windows 7


My Question or Issue

When I change the default output device in the Windows sound manager, Spotify crashes every time. 

With crashes, I mean it continues playing the last second or so of sound on repeat on the previous device (without any sound on the selected device), and I can't interact with it. I have to kill it via Task manager, then open it again before it can play sound on the newly selected device. 


I have been switching output device like this for over 6 months now without problems, but it started doing this recently. Did Spotify/Windows update something to break this?


Hey folks,


Glad to hear that this is now fixed for you in the latest update for the app 🙂


Let us know if you continue to experience any issues by leaving a comment below.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation!


This bug was introduced by the last spotify update if I remember correctly.

  • Win7 64bit Build 7601
  • Spotify
  • Realtek ALC1150
  • NVIDIA HD audio driver (417.35)


Installing Spotify fixes the problem


Hi there,

I updated the audio drivers and re-installed Spotify, and still experience the same problem.

Here are my details:

  • Spotify version:
  • OS and version: Windows 7
  • Since when this is happening: For a couple of months (2 months?)
  • Between which audio devices you are switching: Between laptop speakers (Lenovo Thinkpad) and monitor speakers (Philips 244E), but also between laptop speakers and plug-in headphones. Between any two devices as far a I can tell.


OS: Win 7 x64

For at least the last month.

Device switching: I can make this happen switching any device if I play with Windows Sound.


I found another solution, because**bleep** app is updating itself.


1. Go to web spotify and leave it backround

2. Open spotify app and it will play music from web browser but you can change songs etc from app and its not tilting when changin output.

  • Spotify version:
  • OS and version: Windows 7 64bit, up to date
  • Since when this is happening:  first week of December
  • Change between Bluetooth speaker and onboard speakers.

Hi guys, 


I've got the same problem here.



Win 7 64x

Firstly occured somewhere before Christmas. Happens always when Spotify is already running and I'm connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop and switch the output. Spotify freezes and killing the processes is the only solution.


Win7 x64

Asus Ranger VII Mobo


Switching between default output (integrated soundcard on mobo) and headphones (external USB DAC)

Spotify crashes every time, 3 processes to kill in task manager.


I can confirm this.


Same problem for me


I guess the same problem affects me. Spotify stops responding when my output device is switched off and turned back on. It is Fiio E10k external usb sound card/dac. Then I need to kill all process in task manager to be able to launch spotify again. It does not even closes properly. 

Windows 7, 64bit, Spotify:

Started to behave like that around month or so. Previously it handled the scenario flawlessy - continued to play audio after audio card has been switched on again.

Very frustrating as I need to perform the 'killing spotify process' each time computer is waken up from sleep mode as I turn off the audio card also.


EDIT: Can confirm that going back to version DOES FIX the problem!