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Spotify crashing when switching output device






Operating System

Windows 7


My Question or Issue

When I change the default output device in the Windows sound manager, Spotify crashes every time. 

With crashes, I mean it continues playing the last second or so of sound on repeat on the previous device (without any sound on the selected device), and I can't interact with it. I have to kill it via Task manager, then open it again before it can play sound on the newly selected device. 


I have been switching output device like this for over 6 months now without problems, but it started doing this recently. Did Spotify/Windows update something to break this?


Hey folks,


Glad to hear that this is now fixed for you in the latest update for the app 🙂


Let us know if you continue to experience any issues by leaving a comment below.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation!


Over 2 months now. Status "Under Investigation".


I'm giving this another week, then cancelling my Premium as well.


Fix (works for me)

Command Panel> Realtek HD Audio Manager> settings> uncheck "make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneusly" 


Or do the same on your sound card.



I tried but the option was already unchecked in my case and I was still having the problem.


I have one open issue on the bluetooth on the Android version of Spotify since more than one year and now this issue on the desktop version. I am really happy with the music offer but the customer support it's really disappointing so far.


We spend time reporting the issues on the forum and we get nearly no updates on the resolution and the issues are not fixed yet.


Not nice Spotify, not nice.


I have the issue on two machines:

1) crashing on a Windows 10 machine when im switching audio output from or to a bluetooth speaker


2) crashing on Windows 7 when changing audio output from e.g. headphone jack to speakers/HDMI


this wasnt an issue for the last years so I guess there must have been a windows or spotify update causing this problem.


This bug is older than the moon and I have had this problem on multiple computers now, especially when changig between Bluetooth and speakers. PLEASE fix it, all other programs can easily handle it. And no, "just" restarting spotify is not a solution since I have to kill the spotify.exe in the task mananger each time as "The Spotify application is not responding" when re-opening Spotify within a minute or so and this will make Spotify forget what I was playing and at which second.



Ok, I've been patient for some time now, but it's starting to get REALLY freaking annoying since it was working before and it would be okay if it was like "sorry, we **bleep** up, here we go it's back to normal". But that's been going on for 2 months now.


I switched at least twice a day the audio output (between headset and hi-fi), so that starts to get on my nerve since literally, only Spotify is freezing when I do that. Freezes are pretty high on the agenda of any software application: e.g. the thing is broken. AND YOU ARE A FREAKING SOUND APP.


It's not like I had to stay on premium. I'll downgrade until this get fixed.





Well, you know how to get me back.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports so far.


Spotify version 1.0.99 should be out so please try to reinstall the app using these instructions.


Let us know what the result is. Looking forward to your reply.




Just tried the new version (reinstallation done as recommended), did NOT fix the issue. Still the same problem, only change that i had now 4 Spotify processes in the Task Manager.

Upgrading to finally fixed this issue for me. Running Windows 7 if that helps.