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Spotify desktop Mac skips to next track in radio when the user clicks on album art

Status: Closed

Issue: When I'm listening to a radio station on Mac desktop and click on the album art, Spotify skips to the next track in the queue.


Reproduction steps:

  1. Start playing an artist radio station previously created by me.
  2. Browse away from the currently playing radio screen. For example to the Browse screen or to an artist page.
  3. Click the currently playing album art in the lower left corner of spotify.
  4. After a brief delay (and spinning dots animation), Spotify returns to the currently playing radio station screen as expected, but simultaneously skips to the next track in the radio queue, which is not expected.


Mac: OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

Status changed to: Closed

I'm asking around to see if this is a new issue.


Could you confirm that you're on desktop and not the web player?


Could you please post a screenshot of the screen when you've browsed away from the currently playing radio station?


My apologies for the delayed response. Yes, this is happening in the desktop player. I've posted a screenshot as requested, however the unexpected skipping behavior I described didn't happen in this case. But it did happen just a few minutes ago. I didn't grab a screenshot then, unfortunately.


Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.56.47 AM.png

Status changed to: Closed


back button near the search barback button near the search barthe album art over the play/pause buttonthe album art over the play/pause button

I am having the same issue on windows desktop player. If i click back or on the album art it skips the current track.

I am using version on Windows 10.


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