Spotify desktop stuck after blank advert




Operating System Version:

Windows 8 


Spotify Version:



Blank 30 second advert prevents Spotify free application from continuing to play tracks after it. Stuck on the silent advert and will only go if close and reopen app - Constant occurence. 


To reproduce:

  1. Play spotify until the advert comes around 





Additional information:



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Casual Listener

This is happening to me too. I dont think its a specific ad. I'm trying to listen to my discover playlist and I get an ad after the first track I play. I get an ad then I get a silent 30 second spotify ad then I cant play a new track. This is happening after every track.

If I switch to playing a new album it all works again


And me too


I am having a similar issue. However, I have noticed a couple of things that may help.


1. The advert (at this time) appears to be for the Co-operative. Although previous times it may have been for different adverts.


2. If the advert plays, and then is immediately repeated, then the music will play after the second run of the advert and will work normally up until the point it gets to the next advert play. If the advert is not played twice then the music playback stops.


I hope this helps.



 I'm having this problem too, only way to continue playing music is to quit Spotify and reopen it again, but it happens every time I get an ad, very frustrating.

Casual Listener

It doesn't even have an advertisement name, picture, title or video so i could not tell you - it happens a lot after the intel advert though i've noticed. 

The only time i've seen anything it said: 'A little message from our sponsors' 

It seems to be getting more frequent today. 

Casual Listener

And it seems to have happened since i updated the programme 2 days ago.  

Casual Listener

advert .jpg

Casual Listener

 I've uninstalled and reinstalled and now the whole programme has broken it wil not let me log in 



Im on Windows 8 and this is happening to me too, and has been for a few days now, often after different adverts. I can play one song before an advert comes on before a blank one, which causes my queued songs to disappear and no other songs able to play. If i close and reopen the app the process starts all over again, seems very useless to use spotify at the moment.


Happening with me as well whilst using spotify free.

Doesn't make a difference what ad is played first, but immediately after the "proper" ad finishes playing the track-progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows that a 30 second ad is being played, but there is no sound at all.

At the end of the 30 seconds, the progress bar stays green and I cannot play any tracks without quitting and restarting Spotify.

This is occurs on both my Win10 PC and my Win 7 Laptop and I have not modified the software or hardware on either of these machines prior to this Spotify error occuring.

To me, it looks as if either a badly coded/corrupted advert file has been loaded onto their system by Spotify, or Spotify techies have played with their coding to "improve" the customer experience without testing properly before going live with it.

Yes, I know I'm getting music for free, and the adverts are the payback for allowing me to access the tunes I want, but if Spotify think that dragging their feet fixing this issue will encourage me to upgrade to Premium they're very sadly mistaken..............why would I upgrade and spend money if my experience of customer service with a company (i.e. fixing an issue) is not what I consider acceptable?

Spotify, please fix this issue. It is a fault at YOUR end, not ours and leaving the status as more information neeeded simply isn't good enough. How much more info do you need???????