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Spotify detected as harmful/potentially unwanted software

The detected item is "TrojanDropper:Win32/Virtumonde.B" with alert level as Severe.


Trojan Dropper

This program is dangerous and installs other programs.

Remove this software immediately.




I've removed it before and it automatically uninstalled Spotify immediately. Then I reinstalled Spotify again and the same message prompted. It doesn't bother the app when I'm listening. I've been using it since early this year and I never had this problem before but this is troubling me to be honest. Appreciate if there's any solution to this.


Thank you~


UPDATE: I've been trying to troubleshoot it myself since I posted but then User @piigggggg mentioned that it could be Windows Defender's issue and it reminded me that I haven't updated it in ages. So updated it and so far no trojan messages after almost 12 hours. I suggest everyone who has this problem try to update their Windows Defender (if Win Defender is the one that gave you the message). Also, there's no need to reinstall. I'll give it another 6-12 hours just to make sure before marking this solved. 🙂


Also thanks to @



Category: Adware

Description: This program delivers potentially unwanted advertisements to your computer.

Advice: Remove this software immediately.


Hey folks!


Thanks for all your reports here. We've been given the all-clear from the folks backstage and have updated the status to "Fixed".


If you're having this issue, can you please try a clean reinstall for us? Also, make sure that your anti-virus software is fully up-to-date. 


If you're still having trouble after these steps, can you let us know the following;


- Device

- Version of Spotify

- Operating System

- Antivirus Software you use.




Hey @Nedend! Welcome to the community!


That's not alright. I've passed this on to Spotify. In the meanwhile, could you make sure you're downloading Spotify from this page? Let me know.


Have a nice weekend! 🙂


The same thing is happening to me too, what happens?

spotify virus.png

Same here!


Same here


Same problem!


Hey guys!

Thanks for your reports! Could you all reinstall the Spotify app? Let me know if this still pops up.


Thanks, take care! 🙂


I also happened to me, I hope it will work out.


Hi, Huib!


I've reinstalled the Spotify app and I'll give it 24 hours to see if the message still pops up and let everyone know here. Thank you!


Hi, Huib!


Just to answer your question, yes I downloaded Spotify from the link you provided.




I have zero idea why I'm having to report this kind of thing when this is a critical issue that needs seeing to - however:
I've uninstalled Spotify, wiped all application data and installed Spotify again using the download page on the Spotify website. The issue arrises when you're using Spotify and it notifies you within the program that an update is available. Once this update has been installed (whether automatic or manually), the notification of a virus being present is created. Whether this is a false positive or something more serious, it needs seeing to.