Spotify does not respond after unlocking Windows 10

Status: Closed

Device: Lenovo Y50-70 laptop


Operating System Version: Windows 10 Pro


Spotify Version: (issue was also present in the last few builds)



After locking Windows and unlocking computer it is not possible to resume playing track, nor play another track. Closing program via menu or X button does not cause process to terminate normally. Trying to launch Spotify again - "Spotify is not responding" message.


To reproduce:

  1. Start playing track, pause it
  2. Lock Windows with Win+L shortcut or let the system to be automatically locked after a period of inactivity
  3. Unlock Windows
  4. It's not possible to resume playing track


Kill Spotify process in Task Manager, start program again.


Additional information:

I did not have these issues on the same machine under Windows 8.1 Pro. Issue encountered after upgrade to Windows 10. I have reinstalled Spotify, same behaviour.



It seems we never received a reply. We'll set this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.


Hey @logrusso. Welcome to the Community! 


We haven't seen any other reports of this issue. Could you try a clean reinstall to see if it helps? 


Keep us updated. 



Status changed to: Closed

Yes, I have already tried reinstall, no change in behaviour. Should I take care of some leftovers after the uninstaller?



I have the same problem. (But not every time). It started after I upgraded to Windows 10 or installed Spotify

The only thing working is the close windows X in the upper right corner.


These two processes still exists.


Task ManagerTask Manager

When I start Spotify again it does not remeber my last song, but shows I song I played about 2 weeks ago



Just to follow up, are you experiencing the same issue with Spotify version 1.0.21? Let us know!


HI There,


I have Windows 10 and have the EXACT same issue...... I'm playing Spotify in Win 10...... then the computer automatically locks itself after X number of minutes. After I unlock the computer, spotify is still open...... but if I hit play it wont work, it shows me a PAUSE icon as if its playing but the timer isnt going down (as if playing the song) and I hear no audio.....


This is likely a win10 specific issue..... but please don't just say "no one else is reporting it, must be your computer.... reinstall"  Clearly there's an issue here with Win10.    


Why don't you try to find a Win10 machine, install spotify and try to recreat ehte issue  😉

Status changed to: Closed

Hey guys


Thanks for reporting this.


So we can take a look into this further, could you let us know the version of Spotify that you're currently using?


Also, would you be able to cinfirm the network that you're using? For example, is it a home or work connection?


Problem still exists, but less frequent in version

Status changed to: Closed



Are you still experiencing this issue?


If yes could you post the following info:


  1. Device (e.g. iPhone 6)
  2. Operating System (e.g. iOS 9.2.1)
  3. Spotify version (e.g. 5.2)
  4. Have you tried a clean reinstall? (Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache)
Status changed to: Closed


It seems we never received a reply. We'll set this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.