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Spotify does not respond after unlocking Windows 10

Status: Closed

Device: Lenovo Y50-70 laptop


Operating System Version: Windows 10 Pro


Spotify Version: (issue was also present in the last few builds)



After locking Windows and unlocking computer it is not possible to resume playing track, nor play another track. Closing program via menu or X button does not cause process to terminate normally. Trying to launch Spotify again - "Spotify is not responding" message.


To reproduce:

  1. Start playing track, pause it
  2. Lock Windows with Win+L shortcut or let the system to be automatically locked after a period of inactivity
  3. Unlock Windows
  4. It's not possible to resume playing track


Kill Spotify process in Task Manager, start program again.


Additional information:

I did not have these issues on the same machine under Windows 8.1 Pro. Issue encountered after upgrade to Windows 10. I have reinstalled Spotify, same behaviour.



It seems we never received a reply. We'll set this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.


I've been having the same problem for a while now. I can't reproduce the bug by doing the steps listed above, but it happens more often than not. Usually happens after a period of not using Spotify, my PC need not necessarily have gone to sleep for the problem to occur.



Windows 10 Pro

Spotify version


The issue persits in current Spotify version, but it seems that it's not Spotify-specific bug.

So far I have noticed the same behaviour in some other Apps witch deal with multimedia (e.g. MusicBee). And unfortunately it's not deterministic (sometimes locking computer for a few seconds casues issues, sometimes I unlock machine after 30 minutes and everything works).

On the other hand a lot of applications (i.e. movie players like VLC, DirextX-based games, video/sound in the browsers) do not show such issues.

I guess it's not pushing the topic much. Might be some driver-related issue? Or some strange API changes with Windows 10? 

I was using Intenet connection at work, try to verify if the problem may be reproduced on the same machine but different network.


I have the same issue on a Elitebook 8540w.


Windows 10 Aniversary update


I lock my screen a lot and it is really frustrating to get an unresponsive UI from spotify.