Spotify force closing when offline (Android)

After the "Daily Mix" feature was released, the Android app has been crashing when I attempt to access the "Your Music" screen without being connected to the internet. I have linked to a forum thread where other users are experiencing the same issue.

Hello everyone!


We've made a few tweaks backstage, so this should now be fixed up. Make sure to update to Spotify 6.3.0.


Let us know if not.


All the best :)

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Android OS

Sony Xperia ZQ

Spotify version6.2.0.1028

This has been happening to me too. I've reinstalled the app, trying switching from SD card to internal memory etc etc. I'm also a premium user, and it's ridiculously annoying that I can only use the app with internet. Please, fix it soon.

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Having exactly the same problem. My Huawei P8 is running Android 6.0 and everything is working fine, except for Spotify which is instantly crashing when I want to visit my library in offline mode, since the Daily Mix feature was added.

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I have the same problem on MIUI with Android 5.1

The latest update fixed it for me too. :)

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Hi Guys,


Im still having issues, running latest version but random crashes with Android on Samsung S7 Edge

also finding battery life with spotify has been quite bad recently since the UI update

please can you fix the android app once and for all.. it always seems like its not treated as a priority over the iOS app





I keep the app online and it just stops playing after 20 minutes then closes and I do not use the sleep timer mode either please fix this 


I think I found a solution to the random closing issue...
1st make sure that Spotify is on Phone Settings > Device Care > Battery > Spotify > Turn OFF Put to sleep


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