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Spotify force closing when offline (Android)

After the "Daily Mix" feature was released, the Android app has been crashing when I attempt to access the "Your Music" screen without being connected to the internet. I have linked to a forum thread where other users are experiencing the same issue.

Hello everyone!


We've made a few tweaks backstage, so this should now be fixed up. Make sure to update to Spotify 6.3.0.


Let us know if not.


All the best 🙂


The very same thing is happening to me it is so stupid they need to fix it ASAP!!!

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Hey @forcedrevival


Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear of your trouble.


So we can take a look into this, could you let us know the version of Spotify, the OS, and the device that you're using? Also, which troubleshooting steps have you followed so far? 


Thanks in advance for this info.



Same here. Just happened today. I noticed if I'm offline, I can't access my spotify app. But when I turned on my mobile data or wifi, i can access it. But the thing is, my spotify is premium. How can I use this during offline with this issue? Please fix it asap. 


Android OS here. SONY z3 compact. Spotify version:




Android OS

Motorola Droid Mini

Spotify version


I've tried rebooting the phone, logging out and in again, and I've done two clean reinstalls. Still having this issue after all of that.






Android OS

Sony Xperia ZQ

Spotify version6.2.0.1028

This has been happening to me too. I've reinstalled the app, trying switching from SD card to internal memory etc etc. I'm also a premium user, and it's ridiculously annoying that I can only use the app with internet. Please, fix it soon.


Having exactly the same problem. My Huawei P8 is running Android 6.0 and everything is working fine, except for Spotify which is instantly crashing when I want to visit my library in offline mode, since the Daily Mix feature was added.


Android 7.0

Nexus 5X

Spotify version: armV7


Having the same issue. Tried logging in and out a couple times, two clean re-innstalls, and restarting phone.


Same issue with Nexus 5x on Android ver. 6.0.1. Tried shut down, force stop, also uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Problem started after installing Spotify ver.


Same is happening to me. Spotify version armV7

My phone is a Moto G (3rd Gen) with Android ver. 6

I have the same problem on MIUI with Android 5.1