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Spotify freezing/Crashing

My spotify will not skip to the next song on the list. It will freeze and play the song even after I have closed the app. Anyone else having this problem. I love spotify but if this carries on maybe it's best to try something else as I'm not paying for something I can't use



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Same happens to me...

4 times just this day


I'm encountering exactly the same issue for about a month until now. Spotify freezes randomly. Can't change, pause or stop the song. All that time the song is still playing, then after a while system prompts me to choose to wait or close it. When I pick wait nothing happens, it's still frozen until another prompt window is drawn by the system. If I choose close it will close after few seconds, the song will still be playing somehow for arround 15 seconds more.

Android 5.1, 2 gb ram, 8 cores, 16GB of free space on sd, and 8 on the phone memory. It doesnt matter if i use wifi/4g/offline it happens all the same. Tried reinstalling, turning it off and on again. Neither of it solved the issue.


I have been having the same issue for over a month. It gets stuck on a song and it will NOT allow me to go to the next song, then it will freeze on the current song and before you know it says spotify is not responding . As said above it will then ask to report , stop or wait. No option helps and then i have to shut it off. Sometimes it wont even shut off when i try. This happens at home on my phone constantly which is annoying and makes it pointless to keep spotify to pay  for! Even more annoying is I purchased spotify to use in my car and connect it by bluetooth, but while i am driving i have the issues as above ! Not safe to deal with while driving. It also defeats the purpose of spotify   since i cant use it in my car and it wont work past a song or two every single time. i am close to getting rid of spotify because i cannot use it so what is the point. Thanks for your time. 


I have spotify version: arm V7. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Android version 6.0.1, about 15 GB left on internal phone's storage. 


Looks like I'm not the only one then. Thanks for the reply's. Hopefully it's soemthing they can sort very soon 


I'm having the exact same problem. I held out from updating for quite a while and had no problems. As soon as I cave in and uppdate the app this bull**bleep** starts happening.


Is there any way to roll back the app to a previous version?

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Hey guys! 


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community and sending over that info. 


@paulcoe@Addidan1, and @elplasto can you let us know your devices and Spotify versions? Also, did this start happening after a specific update/event? 


@Hemz123 and @Lesleym10, is there a chance you can give it a try using a different account? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 


I'm using a Huawei P8 Lite with Android 6.0.
There had been a Spotify update available for about a month or so before I
updated about a week ago. After that it's been crashing multiple times a


Version on a Samsung S6. Started happening after an update. Only this month it's started happening 


Thanks for getting back to us with that info!


In this case, please reinstall the app. Here's how


If that doesn't work, try to restart your device: 


  1. Delete Spotify. 
  2. Remove the SD card on your device, if there's one.
  3. Restart the device.
  4. Install the app again. 

Let us know how it goes or, if you have any questions. We'll be here for you 🙂



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Since we haven't heard back from you in a while, we're closing this thread.

Feel free to contact us if anything else comes up 🙂