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Spotify going into pause mode randomly on the Bose Soundtouch 10

Status: Fixed


After the Spotify app last update and the latest Bose soundtouch app update everytime I playback music through my bose speaker it goes into pause mode randomly.

when I click play it starts to play the music on my ipad instead of my bose speaker and I have to change device in order to have my bose speaker playing spotify again.

Before these updates, I never had these issues.

Thanks for your help.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience as this was looked into.

The team have been working hard, and we're going to close this thread up now!


If the issue returns, please can you try:
> Reinstalling
> Signing out everywhere at


> Resetting your password


If this still doesn't do the trick, just give us a shout in a new thread so that we can best lend a hand 🙂


Many thanks,


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @Vivic! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

That doesn't sound right! Just to be sure, could you give the steps from this article should a shot? Also, could you let me know your Spotify, OS, device and Bose Soundtouch app versions? Let me know! 🙂

Thanks and have an awesome day! 🙂


Hey,My Spotify is the premium account, version

I use with my Ipad 9.7"  ios 11.1.2 and with the Bose soundtouch app version 15.120.23 and Interface version 17.170.81.

After I did the update on the Bose soundtouch app 2 days ago, that is when the problems started.

I never had this issue before.

Now, I play my Spotify through my bose speaker and after while goes into pause mode and then when I check my ipad and press play again the sound start to come out through my ipad speaker instead of my Bose Soundtouch 10 speakers and then I have to go to the list of devices on Spotify and select the Bose speaker again.

It keeps doing this since the update from Bose and it is really annoying.

I appreciate any help you can give.



Also, I check the article on your reply.

Nope, that is not the case. Everything seems to be ok with my Spotify account.

Never have seen that message about Spotify been paused because is playing somewhere else.

I trully believe this is an software issue after the updates.



Hey @Vivic!


I understand. Could you try resetting your Bose speaker? That might help here. Also, does this happen after a playlist or album, or in the middle of a song? Let me know! 🙂


Have an awesome day!


I already reset and still happens.

when Iam listening to the playlist and usually in the middle of song.

I think these issues are caused by the latest Bose software update done on Nov-28.

After the update, that is when the issue started.


Hey @Vivic, thanks for all the info so far.


Let's try reinstalling Spotify on your iPad before giving it another shot. Also, is this happening after a notification or sound plays from another application?


In the meantime, do you have a different device you could use to see if it also pauses?


Keep us posted.


I already did and still happens but I connected my Spotify to my Sony CMT-X5CD speaker through bluetooth connection and it worked with no problems.

I am sure that the cause of the problem is from the update done by Bose on Nov-28.

Before I never had any issues with my speakers nor Spotify.

I was at the Bose support forum and there is quite a few complains very similar to mine happening after they release their update.

I am beyond upset with this issue with such expensive speakers.


We understand.


In this case, just as a test, could you try updating your Bose speaker's Bluetooth name to a different one, unpairing, and pairing it again to your phone?


Let us know if that does the trick.


Nope. It did not work.

I am trying to toubleshooting these speakers the whole day.

Now, I can see that the music says it is playing on spotify and connected to my bose speaker but there is no sound coming from the speaker and on spotify connect says it is connect to the bose speaker and the fourth light on the bose soundtouch 10 speaker, the bose light, is amber.

when I open the bose soundtouch app it says ready to play.

when this happens I have to actually turn off the speaker and turn on again.


No worries!


We've reported this on to the right folks. Fingers crossed we'll have an update on this soon.


Stay tuned.