Spotify keeps redownloading playlists






Samsung Galaxy A50

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Spotify keeps saving and downloading albums by itself. By coincidence, they are all from the "Your heavy rotation" section. If I try to delete them, they are downloaded again as soon as I open the app. Things I've already tried:

- Cleared cache

- Cleared all data

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the app

- Deleted all my offline devices

- Deleted them on my computer

- Changed password

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@brianthediver - keep us posted! If you're still having troubles, it'd be helpful if you could let us know the exact version you're on so we can pass it along to our tech teams.


@gjcbressers:  if possible, could you share the URI of the playlist you mention? Keep in mind that if it was created by another user, it's possible that it's being updated with new tracks, which would explain why it's frequently downloading. 


You also mention that it plays automatically. If you notice any unexpected activity on your account like that, the best way to go about this is to follow the steps here first.


@imcapam4_2: Thanks for adding that! Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstallation of the app on your mobile device with the steps here? If not, we'd first recommend giving that a try. If the issue persists after that, let us know the exact version of the app you're on so we can pass it along.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies, thanks again!


Please I need help as each time some music keeps playing without me downloading it or selecting it.  When I try to click on my album list for listening it plays for 12seconds and then automatically goes back to previous list from then unchecked songs. 

I’m using an iPhone 

Spotify version :

Music Fan

There is a very long thread with a lot of detail about this issue, see


Every time I restart my phone, all my downloaded songs seem to be deleted and they start redownloading. Doesn't matter what Playlist they are on. Started like 2-3 weeks ago.


OnePlus 7 Pro, Android 10, Spotify version