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Spotify loads slowly / goes unresponsive on iOS

We've received reports from iPhone users saying the app is taking up to a few minutes to load before either being partially usable or simply crashing. Sometimes the playlist/album covers won't load at all and are unclickable. This behavior is currently being investigated.


Here are some screenshot examples of how this may look on your end:




Please note that this is different from Spotify stuck on logo screen on iOS. In case your app won't load past the logo screen, visit that issue instead.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that our tech folks have made some changes backstage, so this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Please also note that this was different from Spotify stuck on logo screen on iOS. In case your app won't load past the logo screen, visit that issue instead.


Have a good one!



Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Device: iPhone 7

Operating System: iOS 15.7.3


My Question or Issue:

Over the last couple of days I’ve had a rubbish time with the most recent app update ( When my iPhone is on low power mode and I go to open the app it can’t load the thumbnails on the Home Screen. When I go to search for a song the three dots just pulse on the screen and no results appear, and I can’t load anymore playlists or (if I was previously listening to something and it’s shown in the bar at the bottom of the screen) I can’t press play on it. However when I close the app, switch off low power mode and reopen the app it loads swiftly. Even when my phone is on low battery 🪫 it works smoothly, but if I put it into low power mode when I am under20% battery the same issues occur.


Another strange thing is that I cannot listen to my downloads when offline. Surely that is the whole point of having downloads!?


My iPhone 7’s software is up to date (iOS 15.7.3). Please no comments about how old my phone model is.

Furthermore I really miss seeing the hearts next to my liked songs. Please bring back the function that allows you to like a song rather than add to playlist!


If anyone has any advice or tips I’d greatly appreciate hearing them! Thanks 🙏🏼 







iPhone SE first gen

iOS 15.7.3


I’ve cleared cache, clean reset, deleted app.  Rebooted cell, downloaded app.  And it works again BUT whenever the app reloads itself or I stop listening for awhile and reopen it goes right back to not working.  I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it many times now and it’s always the same.  Locks up on the homepage menu, I go to press “discover weekly” or another playlist and it doesn’t load, it attempts to and goes to 3 blinking dots on the screen.  Last song doesn’t start playing either.  Everything is just locked up. 



Hi I have this same problem on iphone 11 and on ios 16.3.1. I can only get the app working by reinstalling it and I have to do that at least ten times a day. And it stops working again every time the app closes in the background or I stop listening to music for a few minutes. I agree with other commenters that we should get a refund for this this is getting ridiculous. 


here's what it looks like, the app get's stuck on a loading screen and won't load album covers or play anything: 









(iPhone SE 3rd gen, iPad mini 6)

Operating System

(iOS 16.3.1)

My Question or Issue

For a month now, every time I open up Spotify app, it hangs for about 1 minute before I'm able to access anything. It might to be related to cache, because it feels like it's loading everything from server. I already reinstalled app and cleared cache.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


In case you're experiencing this issue, make sure to give it a like and provide us with the following info (if you haven't already):

  • Your device's make, model and OS version.
  • The version of Spotify you're running.
  • An approximate number of playlists you have in Your Library and tracks in your Liked Songs.
  • All troubleshooting you've tried so far.

Thanks! We'll pass the info on to our tech folks so they can look further into this.


As always, rest assured we'll keep you posted here as soon as we have any new information to share, so Subscribe to the thread to stay tuned!


Been having this issue on and off for a week or so. iPhone 13 Pro iOS 16.3.1, Spotify version 8.8.18.


To answer the mod’s questions, I have more playlists than I can count (been using Spotify for almost 10 years) — easily in the thousands. I have 9,482 liked songs. As far as troubleshooting, I’ve done every possible variation of deleting the app cache, uninstalling the app and all its data, restarting my iPhone, redownloading Spotify. It will usually work again for a little while, but the app starts slowing down after a bit of use and eventually freezes up entirely.



iPhone 11 pro

latest Spotify updates (think one came today 3/15)


Lots of folders/nested playlist folders - playlists in the thousands - ~3000 liked songs


i have uninstalled, cleared cache, force restarted etc. issue started last Wednesday night. 

Have found that if I open the app, and immediately click my playlist icon - it takes ~40 cycles of the loading dots animation to load. Once loaded, it is fine. 

occasionally it gets stuck on the Home Screen and I can’t click the playlist button (or others - I do believe it eventually loads after leaving the app open).  I believe a majority of the people on the other thread are experiencing this same lag (latest posts have the screenshots showing this behavior) - they just added it to that other issue. 


I've been having this same issue ever since the new (+) Plus button update was added to my account. I think this issue is tied to this new Plus button update.


More details about the (+) Plus button update can be found here:

The ♡ Heart button is being replaced with a (+) Plus button


After I got the (+) Plus button change added to my account, the iOS app now takes 30 seconds to load before I can take any action and do anything. The home page shows, but all the icons are blank placeholders, the Now Playing screen album art is a blank placeholder, the search tab icons haven’t loaded, the Library tab has 3 dots animation like it’s loading… etc. After 30 seconds all images load and I can use the app. This happens every time the app is freshly started up (after the app has not been open in the background for a while / timed out due to inactivity / force closed and reopened again)


I have thousands of playlists (and maybe around 200 Playlist Folders) and 8,000 Liked Songs.


A clean reinstall of the app did not fix this when testing on 2 different iPhones.


Device 1 tested: iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.3.1

Spotify app versions: Happens with 8.8.14 and 8.8.16 and TestFlight alpha 8.8.18


Device 2 tested: iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 15.7.3

Spotify app versions: Happens with 8.8.14 and 8.8.16 and TestFlight alpha 8.8.18


On March 9th, the (+) Plus button update was removed from my account (probably because the test ended, and now I have to wait for the full rollout to all users) and now my app loads normally. So this is why I think it's tied to the new (+) Plus button update.


@MattSuda I totally agree with you, also how long did it take until your app went back to normal? 


Your device's make, model and OS version.

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 16.3.1

The version of Spotify you're running.


An approximate number of playlists you have in Your Library and tracks in your Liked Songs.

  • 728 liked songs and I’ll guess maybe 500+ playlists (I have the sorted into folders and sub folders)

All troubleshooting you've tried so far.

  • All the expected steps; delete and reinstall, cleared cache, restarted my device however the problem persists