Spotify maxing CPU core







 Macbook Pro 15 inch late 2016

Operating System

macOS Mojave 10.14


My Question or Issue

High CPU usage is draining my laptop battery and causing it to heat up.


Aditionally, Spotify ( becomes non-reponsive when I attempt to quit it and must force quit every time.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 8.57.17 AM.png

Hey all,


This seems to be fixed now. Let us know in the relevant Help Boards if this is still an issue for you :)


Have a nice day!

Related Issues


same here on both my macbook pros (2014, 2015).

runing latest osx.

re-installed spotify

deleted ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client


still 100%+ cpu usage at all times.


disappointing bug, but most disappointing is the lack of progress and handling of this issue


Same problems here still, their helpdesk feels a bit like Groundhog-day, every week I get a new contact who replies to the case with the exact same suggestions and request as the last one. Allready removed any trace in ~.Library and did many many re-installs. We did establish it works on a new fresh Mac account. So it probably has something to do with the fact Spotify is scanning for music in Downloads and My Music also when you have "Show local files" disabled. Maybe it shokes on my very modest iTunes library?


This is for sure not fixed. Still having issues.

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I reached out to a friend there and heard they are bumping up the priority.
I hope this gets some attention soon!

I didn't hear anything back to my last email to support@ anymore, they're very very funny though. Just a couple of excerpts form last week after mailing back and forth for quite some weeks. I took screenshots and video just like OP of Spotify and the default Activity Monitor app in Mac OSX:

The recorded and visible used graphs in your video do not show the full CPU usage that you indicate. That is why we believe that the app you use does not correctly detect the single CPU usage for our app.


We would like to help you, but we still need to refer you to the manufacturer of the device for questions regarding the functions of your operating system.

We ask you to contact the manufacturer because we suspect that the problem is not the app.

We consulted with the specialist. He states again that the graph shows that Spotify does not use 100% CPU. You can also see this by the remaining percentage at the bottom of the graph. Have you tried closing other apps? Maybe that helps.

I did some CPU profiling and got some interesting results showing some significant thread usage around FLAC for some reason (I don't have any local files linked to Spotify nor any FLAC files on my machine).


Would be interested to see if others are seeing similar thread behavior. Anyone I can escalte my profile up to @Woudenberg?


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again and again - no re\action from Spotify for many many months