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Spotify mutes all sound after pressing pause.







Operating System

Windows 10 

My Question or Issue

 Spotify (only the desktop app, web app works fine) keeps muting everything that makes sound after I pause my music. Background sound plays fine when I play music over it, but when I pause Spotify the background sound completely stops. Doesn't matter if it's a Youtube video, a game, or whatever, it just stops everything and everything is muted until I close down Spotify. This is most likely an issue with Bluetooth, as I use Bluetooth headphones and when I plug my headphones in with an aux cord the issue goes away. 


I've tried re-installing the desktop app and restarting my computer, as well as updating the drivers for my laptop's Bluetooth card, but none of these seemed to do anything.


This is really getting on my nerves.

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate all your reports so far!


We've passed them on to our tech team, and they're investigating this.


We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, however we'd recommend making sure that the app is always updated on your device. You can follow the steps provided here.



I will do a full reinstall and see if the issue persists.

- Device and OS version

Macbook Pro 15" 2017 - macOS 10.13.3


- Spotify version


- Bluetooth device?

Ultimate Ears Megablast 3


Issue happens every time I pause Spotify. I can only work around this by resuming spotify OR switch audio to my internal speakers and then back the Bluetooth. Then it works until I resume and pause spotify.


Hey @rjarnutowski, how did it go? Let us know the new Spotify version after reinstall along with your Bluetooth device.


@cavaliercoder we can see that there's a newer Spotify version out. Can you make sure to reinstall the app and let us know the new version and how it went? 




@Jemi Same issue for me using


@Jemi Issue persists on 😞


is there a solution for Mac yet?


- Device and OS version: macOS Mojave

- Spotify version:

- Bluetooth device: ath-m50xBT




Problem persists on Mac for me.


OSX: Mojave 10.14.3


Bluetooth: UE Boom 2


Hey everyone, 


Thanks for the info you've provided so far. It's been very helpful and we can assure you that you'll be the first to know once we have updates. In the meantime, there's a newer Spotify version out, so make sure to keep your apps up-to-date and let us know whether or not the new version changes anything for you (include the version you ended up with).


All the best!


Hi @Jemi,


thanks for coming back to this issue.


The problem persists for me on MacOS using version


MacOS 10.14.4

Spotify Version:

Bluetooth Device: Taotronics TT-BH22