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Spotify mutes randomly







HP Laptop

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Windows 10


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At random times, my desktop Spotify client mutes itself. This is not a machine problem, the volume slider on Spotify literally slides itself down to mute at random times. Anyone know what causes this?


Hey folks,


Based on your reports, this now seems to be fixed!


If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here and we'll help you out there.


Thanks for your cooperation on this!


Mine has also been doing the same on both the PS4 and Windows 10 desktop application. Muting occurs randomly, from anywhere between once every 1 minute to every 10 seconds. When this does occur, the songs still play in the application and just to be clear - the songs are being muted by the volume slider in the Spotify application, not my desktop or any other external volume mixers.


I have tried all the solutions listed by OneByBoo but to no avail.

I experienced the same issue, and I made sur everything is up-to-date (every drivers and programs), the volume slider on Spotify just go to mute even when Spotify is my only program running (except the passive ones)..

I hope someone find a solution to this soon
I have this issue also since a week or two.
At first I didn't notice the slider/mute status, and just killed the Spotify processes (5 of them) in the taskmanager. Only today my eye was drawn to the slider and saw it was muted midsong, with no action from me whatsoever..
Must be a bug, which should be fixed asap 🙂

So, update to all the comments here,

I don't have a Google Home or anything like that, and for the last few days it hadn't done it, so I wasn't responding here, but it just started again. It is also worth noting that this is entirely in-software, my audio drivers are fine, my audio works well, but the volume bar in-spotify mutes itself. There seem to be no specific triggers, sometimes it happens at the beginning of the song, sometimes randomly in the middle, sometimes after playing spotify after leaving it alone for a while, sometimes randomly after having listened for a while. I tend not to listen much on my phone (samsung s9), but it seems to be entirely unrelated. 


Seems like it's a bug on spotify's end, and a very weird one at that. 

I'm also getting this issue. Most of the time it's fully muting but sometimes it just decreases the volume by a bit.

I've got the same problem. 

The desktop volume suddenly changes to the volume at my phone, which usually is just mute. 




Same here...


I've also been having this problem recently. I think it might have something to do with Spotify Connect. The muting only happens when my S9 is turned on and syncs with Spotify. There doesn't seem to be any kind of issue with my Spotify desktop app / muting doesn't happen when my phone is turned off. Which seems kind of a hassle. I can't keep turning my phone off just so I could listen properly on my laptop. ಠ_ಠ


My Spotify mutes in the middle of a song playing sometimes and stays muted for seemingly no reason


I have the same issue but in my case, volume goes up. There are already few topics about that problem so we can hope that Spotify does something about this. 


I've noticed that the problem occured few moments after checking stuff on my phone and that made me think about spotify connect. It probably normalizes volume on your devices, that is a really stupid thing and i hope that this is a bug not a feature. 


The only workaround that i was able to come up with is to switch "show only local devices" on, and turn wi-fi in my smartphone off. This will stop syncing devices that have spotify app installed. Try this and you will know if the culprit is Spotify Connect.