Spotify not playing a specific band

I've been a frequent premium user of the app for over 3 years across many different phones and devices (Currently a Galaxy s8) and I've never came across this issue. About 2 days ago the app would not play any songs from the Arctic Monkeys (My favorite band), not even if they were downloaded, from singles, EPs or LPs. All of the other artists/bands work perfectly fine, even Arctic Monkeys singer other projects work. I've already reinstalled the app twice, disconnected all the devices via the website, cleared the local data and redownloaded the songs to offline play. But still everytime their songs come up on a playlist the app skips them and I can't even select them directly, either to my saved songs or thru the band's page, it just says the artist isn't available, even though it was 2 days ago

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Thanks for sharing your reports on this.


We’ve had word that this should now be resolved across all devices.


If it’s still occurring for you, please ensure that you’re running the latest version by following these steps.




I don't know what happened but some songs won't play neither on the desktop nor on the web player (but all of them play just fine on my phone) and they're not greyed out. I've tried to re-install Spotify but it didn't work.

I'm using an ASUS A540S/ Windows 10/ 4GB RAM /Intel Core Pentium up to 2.5 Ghz.


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Yeah, im having the same problem aswell... i really wanna know what is goin on and how to fix this..


Hi, @MaríaCamila Thanks for responding

Im currently using the android EMUI 5.0.1 opersting system and spotify version I think it started after i updated to the newest version.

The songs i cant play are all of Demi Lovato's songs, not including the songs she's featured in. When i try to play the song it says nothing and doesnt want to play the song


I can't listen to any Fall Out Boy songs both on windows 10 and android (One Plus 3T, OxygenOS 4.5.0/android 7.1.1) but when i use the web app i can listen to everything.


I was listening to these songs in the app, saw the notification to update to the newer version, updated and as soon as it opened the spotify app i couldn't listen to songs anyore (to my knowledge so far i can't listen to Fall Out Boy's entire discography)


When I try to play one of their songs a warning appears at the top saying "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."


Hope it helps and I hope for a solution/fix (without having to create another acount).


Edit: My current version on android is


This message happens on desktop (mac) but is limited in scope. Only happens with some artists and these are songs I don't have locally but am trying to listen to through spotify. I've tried toggling the local file optsion in my account settings and restarting and am still getting the message. 


For some reason i cant play some songs that i have been listened in the past, 

the same songs wont play on mobile ether. when i try to play them i get this message: 

This song is not available. if you have the fille on your computer you can import it.

The song name is not grayed out and i have premium 

please help :)



I can't play Frank Ocean's music on spotify anymore. When I click on a song it says that it's unavailable. It was working fine before, but now it's just randomly gone. It's not greyed out or anything. I know that some other people are having this as well so it's not just me. I've already tried reinstalling spotify, but it still doesn't work.


I have his music downloaded on my phone. When I'm offline I can still play it, but when I have internet I can't.


Can anyone help me?

I'm on a mac btw. I have an android phone though.


Thank you [:


Hey all!

I've got this problem... I can't listen to Ed Sheeran. I can listen to every other artist, but just not him. I've got the problem on both my phone and my pc. 


I pay for Premium but today I noticed that Spotify won't let me play songs of some musicians, like Iron maiden or others. It says that song is not available and if you have it you can import it.
Anyone know what kind of issue this might be?

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Hey @heartworm, and @swoardy. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you let us know your devices make and model, along with the exact operating system and Spotify versions currently installed on it? Also, can you let us know if you have the same issue with any other artists?


In the meantime, the best thing to try here is a reinstall following these steps.


Hope to hear from you guys soon :)