Spotify not playing a specific band

I've been a frequent premium user of the app for over 3 years across many different phones and devices (Currently a Galaxy s8) and I've never came across this issue. About 2 days ago the app would not play any songs from the Arctic Monkeys (My favorite band), not even if they were downloaded, from singles, EPs or LPs. All of the other artists/bands work perfectly fine, even Arctic Monkeys singer other projects work. I've already reinstalled the app twice, disconnected all the devices via the website, cleared the local data and redownloaded the songs to offline play. But still everytime their songs come up on a playlist the app skips them and I can't even select them directly, either to my saved songs or thru the band's page, it just says the artist isn't available, even though it was 2 days ago

Hey all,


Thanks for sharing your reports on this.


We’ve had word that this should now be resolved across all devices.


If it’s still occurring for you, please ensure that you’re running the latest version by following these steps.



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Since update armV7 I haven't been able to play certain albums. Hit a song and nothing happens. A few cases:

Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence

War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

I've did an uninstall and reinstall and that didn't work. 

I also checked my tablet that I have yet to update to and everything is working fine. 


I've got a pixel  XL running 8.0 


Anybody else having a similar experience?

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That seems to be a beta version. Are you in the beta programme? Where did you get it?


Yes I've been beta


None of a specific artists songs are able to plau on spotify, both on android and desktop. All other songs are able to play, except those from that artist

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This is a problem that I'm also having with the new update (1.0.65).


On my account some artists just won't play at all and will display the message: "This song is not available."


Some artists that I can't play at all:

* Kanye West

* Gorillaz

* Katy Perry

* Lana Del Rey


When I log in to a second account then suddenly I can play all songs from the artists listed above. This seems to be an account issue as reinstalling and reseting Spotify does nothing.


I'm having the same problem with Manchester Orchestra that also started happening 2 days ago, Friday night. Every other band works just fine but for some reason this band won't play at all.


I re-installed the Windows Desktop version and it fixed the problem for that, but my Android is still not able to play it, even after clearing cache and re-installing and downloading the songs.


I have a premium account, not sure why I'm having this problem.


I am having the same problem as well. Half of the songs from my playlists don't work and about 5 artists that I listen to on a regular basis do not work. I have tried clearing the cache as well as completely uninstalled/reinstalled the app with no avail. I hope this problem is fixed soon!!



For some reason, I can't listen to any of Timbuktu's song (Swedish hip-hop artist) even if all of them are downloaded on both pc and mobile. My friends can play him but I can't play the songs either online or offline on pc or android. This started yesterday and it's making me really mad. I use a premium account as well so it's really upsetting...


Day three of having this issue and I now noticed that Maroon 5 cannot be played either. Original problem still exists...


New day new problems... David Guetta can't be played and Bruno Mars is unavailable as well. Now this problem is affecting my top 10 list and that is making me really mad. Have already tried reinstalling the software.


Noticed another weird thing, for some reason all the songs can be played with my account logged in on the web player, but not in the android app on my oneplus 5 or on my pc in the application.


Trying to play Metallica in the UK on android app & Android Auto, or on desktop, and I can see all the Metallica discography, but getting a this song is not available when I try to play it. My wife is having teh same issue. I have several off the albums in my library and downloaded but they don't play either. They started playing yesterday again but stopped playing again today. Friends still have Metallica available.


I was trying to listen to Mumford and Sons yesterday, but whenever I try to play one of their songs it says they are unavailable. It does this for any song, and it did this when I tried to play an Ed Sheeran song as well. It plays any other music fine, but for some reason those were unavailable. All of these songs were available to my friend though.