Spotify not playing when screen off



When the screen is going off (computer not even in sleep), the music just stop playing. It's kind of really annoying (and power consuming) if I have to have my screen always On (or move my mouse every time) just to listen to music... And the fact of increasing the time before sleep doesn't change anything if I don't change the time before screen off.


I'm not the only one, but no response on the others post talking of this problem, so I'm doing my own (not a really difficult problem to solve I guess. Probably just a misuse of Windows API. But if you, Spotify, could just pay attention to users problem or at least answer it would be great...)


Windows 10

Surface 3

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Hello @keligs


Could you please post the link of the topic where other users are also seeing this problem?


Thanks in Advance!

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Well, sorry, mea culpa :

It seems to be a problem caused by Microsoft -> on Surfaces tablets (and maybe other covertible tablets ?), Microsoft seems to have "fusionned" screen off and sleep mode excepts when using apps for music which are using metro interface...


So unless Spotify decide to launch a metro app on Windows store, here seems to be the solution (I will verify the solution after rebooting my computer, because for now, before reboot, it still doesn't work /Edit : it's working fine after reboot) :


"Open regedit.exe, go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\ and set the value CsEnabled from 1 to 0.

This way disabling the ConnectedStandby feature, now the tablet will work like a laptop.

You can put the screen to sleep after a minute and it will not standby."


(cf. AlexisLaborda's post on



Some differents posts reporting the problem :



P.S : Maybe if Spotify is directly contacting Microsoft about this problem, Microsoft will finally move their ass and propose a solution ? It would prevent Microsoft to repeat on each post in windows support forum it's not their fault but Spotify's fault and avoid to a lot of users of Spotify and others music apps to be upset...

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Just wanted to be sure this thread was aware of our update in this idea at the end of last year:


We’ve been exploring many ways of enabling customers to play music while the screen is off. Most of the solutions we had explored involved preventing Windows from being able to turn the screen off, which would result in a much higher degree of battery use—something that we don't want to do.


The good news is that a fix for this is in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. With this update playback on Spotify can continue while the screen is off to conserve your battery power. While you might not have this update yet, you can update Windows manually by going here: The music will, however, stop when your computer goes to sleep. You can control the sleep settings in the Power & sleep settings. 


Please know our Desktop teams take your feedback very seriously and they’re excited to help fix this issue for you all. Thanks for continuing to bring us your Spotify Ideas.

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I just made sure that my surface go was up to date which it is but for some reason my music still stops once i turn my surface off. I dont know if this is a new problem for the surface go because it was just realesed this year but i would like to have some information on this because i havent been able to find anything.


Hi, sorry this probably isn’t the place to put this but didn’t know where. I have run into an issue where my phone will continue to play music after I have gotten out of my car. It automatically connects to Bluetooth when I get in the car and starts playing music. When I turn the car off it continues to play. I open the lock screen pause it, and when I push the power button to power down, or when the screen goes black by itself it starts the music again. Don’t know if this is because I’m still connected to my car or if it is specifically because of my phone. I have an iPhone XS and have the latest software update and latest application update as well. Thanks.