Spotify not working on Amazon Fire TV

It no longer works on my Fire TV. I cannot log in or stream to it. None of the solutions on here work. 


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version on your Amazon Fire TV.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Yes! Same here I totally agree...I actually just had to subscribe to SiriusXM because it works so well with the Fire TV Cube after this most recent update...I loved Spotify playlists and all however, I do not like how it felt today stressed out with the app problems ALL DAY today...I never want to feel at the mercy of Spotify developers to sort out this stuff in a timely manner so I did ultimately subscribe to another more reliable music streaming source this evening...


i've been having this issue all day. my spotify was working fine on my two year old Fire TV but today it won't connect at all and i can't even log in via any of the login/pairing methods. i've reset my internet routers, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my tv and phone and rebooted my tv and none of it works


having the same issue here all day! also glad it's not me. i commented below but i've tried Everything!!


I am experiencing the same issue. Previously, I've always manage to connect to spotify via streaming directly from spotify app on Fire TV cube or steaming from my phone or laptop.


I suspect this is an issue on Spotify server end and not an user issue)


Today (10.17.2020) I can't log into my spotify account (premium).

Also have tried the below troubleshooting steps and nothing works:


-restart Fire TV Cube - tried to pair with iphone (stuck on connecting mode)

-clear cache and date from spotify app on Fire TV

-uninstall spotify app on Fire TV

-reinstall spotify app on Fire TV (try to login - no success).

when using my iphone to pair with spotify app on Fire TV, it just keep trying to connect but no success

-reboot my WiFi router - repeated the above steps, did not work

-also tried to pair using the paring code on - also did not work


Just to be safe, I check other apps on Fire TV Cube and was able to stream successfully on Netflix


Spotify please help!!!!!!


Fire TV Cube software version:

Fire OS7.2.1.6(PS7216/1582)


iPhone 11 Pro Max

Spotify app version 8.5.780.1178


iPhone OS 14.0.1



Thanks for the update gradgirl

I am having this same issue. I tried logging in by clicking the devices button on my phone and pressing the TV, but also tried logging in and using the Pair Pin option. Please fix. 😞


I had the same problem, I bought my fire tv yesterday and I tried to log-in on my Spotify account with a verification code but nothing happened, and I've tried to log-in through my email and password and nothing happened too. 😞 


hi, I'm having some trouble to log in on Spotify App for Amazon Fire tv here in Brazil, I tried to log in with the verification code and the website responds like everything was okay but on the Fire tv app nothing happens, I tried to log in with my email and password but when I click on the button to login nothing happens too. 😞 

I can confirm I am also having issues using the Spotify app on FireTV (there was an update to the FireTV OS.) You guys should fix that app....

I have the same exact problem and the 'log in' button appears grayed out when I try to log in.


First I had a problem with playing music, so I logged out and now I can't log back in on my fire stick.


I sure hope Spotify gets this fixed.  I have a crazy eight month old puppy and I play the music on my TV when I leave the house to keep him from destroying it!


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