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Spotify on Android TV lags to death after a while






Sony Bravia XF9005 55"

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

After playing a couple of songs Spotify starts lagging, the songs cut in and out and the TV starts getting slower too. Can't turn the TV off, can't go left or right in the Spotify app without a 30 second delay until something happens. This wasn't always the case, it has worked flawlessly before. Guessing some update ruined it. I can chromecast it to the TV just fine, but the app breaks itself and the TV.

Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version. In the meantime, you can also use Connect as a workaround.


Thanks again!

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,


We've been receiving reports that the TV app isn't working how it's supposed to. If you are experiencing this, hit +VOTE and leave a comment with the following:


  • TV model
  • Firmware
  • Spotify version

Let us know and we'll keep you up to date in this Ongoing Issue.




TV model: Sony Bravia XF9005 55"

Firmware: PKG6.5629.0177EUA

Spotify Version: 1.18.0


If anyone wonders how to get your firmware version, press the HELP button on your remote and it will state your firmware in the top right. 


Hey @PapaJS,


Thanks for providing the info we requested.


Regarding your WiFi connection, can you confirm that your TV has a good enough signal strength to the router?


If possible, do you mind connecting your TV to the router via ethernet to see if this improves things at all?


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂



Sony KD 65XF9005

Firm: PKG6.5629.0177EUA

Spotify: 1.18.0


Problem occurs on both Wifi and ethernet. I have a very fast router and up/down speed so can't be that.


Hi @Peter ,


I'm already running ethernet with a stable 180/180mbit internet. 


I don't think that's the issue since the app and TV lags out and is close to unresponsive unless I manage to close the app after trying to work around the interface with massive lag for a couple of minutes or restart the TV altogether. As soon as the app is closed the TV runs perfectly fine, but after running Spotify for a while it lags out and the TV barely works overall if it keeps running in the background.


Hi @Peter


Country: Brazil - Plan: Premium 

Device: Sony Bravia 4K - XBR-55X855C (USA : XBR-55X85C)

TV Firmware: PKG5.435.0184.BRB

OS: Android TV  ver.: 7.0  Kernel: 3.10.79 

Spotify ver.: 1.18.0


I already ran the network tests, from WiFi, modem, router and ethernet, and everything is working 100%. My Internet bandwidth is 240Mb/ds and 120Mb/us is working well and with low latency (around 8 ms).
At first I even thought it might have to do with the size of the playlist, but I've seen that the problem occurs regardless of the number of tracks heard.
I have also uninstalled all other applications, reset the TV and the problem is still happening. Between 30m and 1h of music, the app starts cutting and lagging to the point of crashing and needs to force the Android TV home screen to kill the app. After restarting the app occurs the same thing, works fine until start to cut.. lag...crash...





Same here. 

Sony 55XE90 (i.e. xe9005).

AndroidTV 7 and now also with AndroidTV 8.


This bug was introduced by Spotify around June 2019. Mo probs before that. No probs with internet connection, it is a severe bug in Spotify app in AndroidTV.


So sad, that it has been known by Spotify for a 3 months and no fixes got.




Country: France - Plan: Premium  

Device: Sony Bravia 4K - KD-55XF9005

TV Firmware: PKG6.6520.0252EUA

OS: Android TV  ver.: 8.0.0 Kernel: 3.10.79 

Spotify ver.: 1.20.0


Same problem here, after ~ 1 hour of playing, the app and tv freeze.


Please do something ! The problem is known for month and still not fixed, that's not good for Spotify reputation !


Same problem here 😞

Spotify Premium
SONY Bravia KD-43XG8096 (brand new, so Amdroid is clear)
FW.: PKG6.6050.0229EUA
Android 8.0


I use wired network, which good enough for YouTube 4K, so can't be a problem. But, if it could, it's not normal behavior if Spotify app completly freeses the whole OS because a poor network!


I am a Spotify premium subscriber. I am experiencing the same issues mentioned here.

TV: Sony KD-65X8500F

TV Firmware version: 7.0 Kernel: 3.10.79

Spotify version: 2.40.0-098a1c0 release-v2.**bleep**-1-g50ff1c9 HEAD-v3.89.77-gbae07dc7


Hopefully I don't need to unsubscribe soon.