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Spotify on iOS 11 Battery Issues

Ever since I updated to iOS 11 on my iPhone 7s, Spotify has been extremely bad with battery drain. Sometimes it gets as bad as 10% charge gone in 15 minutes, or even battery drain while I’m charging my phone and playing Spotify through a Bluetooth speaker. 


On top of that, the phone gets very hot when I’m listening to Spotify. These battery and heat issues have been consistent for the past weeks and are only for Spotify, not any other app. 


Is there a way to fix this? Or am I waiting on an optimization update for iOS 11? Anyone else have this issue?

Hi all,


After speaking to our devs and seeing no new comments in here for over 2 weeks, we've decided to close this thread. 


Please make sure that you're on the latest app version to go with your latest version of iOS, and it should perform as expected.


If you still notice something's not right, feel free to start a new thread in the iOS Help Board with all the relevant info about your device and the app.




I have the exact same issue for my iPhone 7 with iOS 11.0.3.




I have been using Spotify on the low battery mode for a while and seems the phone is no longer heating.


I am aware that this is not a fix but can be a temporary solution for those who do not wish to give up on Spotify just yet.




Also believe this to be an issue. Going to take my phone to the Apple store today to see if there are any other issues.


Low battery mode doesnt do any difference for me.


{"app_name":"Spotify","timestamp":"2017-10-13 19:36:05.36 +0200","app_version":"8.4.22","slice_uuid":"C9BB3148-05ED-328C-AECC-CDDBC4348A71","adam_id":324684580,"build_version":"842200515","bundleID":"com.spotify.client","share_with_app_devs":false,"is_first_party":false,"bug_type":"202","os_version":"iPhone OS 11.1 (15B5078e)","incident_id":"CA021F16-D599-4ED2-8D53-53B938D447A8","name":"Spotify"}
Date/Time: 2017-10-13 19:33:37.497364 +0200
OS Version: iPhone OS 11.1 (Build 15B5078e)
Architecture: arm64
Report Version: 19

Command: Spotify
Path: /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/4E79D267-F044-497B-BC53-5AB90D7D81AE/
Version: 8.4.22 (842200515)
Parent: launchd [1]
PID: 1962

Event: cpu usage
CPU: 144s cpu time over 148 seconds (97% cpu average), exceeding limit of 80% cpu over 180 seconds
Action taken: none
Duration: 147.82s
Steps: 59

Hardware model: iPhone9,3
Active cpus: 2

Powerstats for: Spotify [1962]
UUID: C9BB3148-05ED-328C-AECC-CDDBC4348A71
Start time: 2017-10-13 19:35:22 +0200
End time: 2017-10-13 19:36:04 +0200
Microstackshots: 59 samples (100%)
Primary state: 47 samples Frontmost App, Kernel mode, Effective Thread QoS Default, Requested Thread QoS Default, Override Thread QoS Unspecified
User Activity: 59 samples Idle, 0 samples Active
Power Source: 59 samples on Battery, 0 samples on AC
59 ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 8988) [0x1843fc31c]
59 ??? (Spotify + 19717044) [0x1015bdbb4]
59 ??? (Spotify + 27162948) [0x101cd7944]
59 ??? (Spotify + 27162992) [0x101cd7970]
59 ??? (Spotify + 27163016) [0x101cd7988]
59 ??? (Spotify + 27163060) [0x101cd79b4]
59 ??? (Spotify + 27156824) [0x101cd6158]
41 ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 20896) [0x1842cd1a0]
12 ??? (Spotify + 27165776) [0x101cd8450]
12 ??? (Spotify + 27149104) [0x101cd4330]
8 ??? (Spotify + 27149384) [0x101cd4448]
7 ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 142968) [0x1842eae78]
1 <User mode>
1 ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 142964) [0x1842eae74]
1 <User mode>
2 ??? (Spotify + 27149280) [0x101cd43e0]
2 <User mode>
2 ??? (Spotify + 27149360) [0x101cd4430]
2 ??? (Spotify + 27150484) [0x101cd4894]
2 <User mode>
2 ??? (Spotify + 27165540) [0x101cd8364]
2 ??? (Spotify + 27143548) [0x101cd2d7c]
2 ??? (Spotify + 25508804) [0x101b43bc4]
2 ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 23076) [0x1843ffa24]
2 <User mode>
2 ??? (Spotify + 27165580) [0x101cd838c]
2 ??? (Spotify + 27143452) [0x101cd2d1c]
2 ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 22600) [0x1843ff848]
2 <User mode>
2 ??? (Spotify + 27165360) [0x101cd82b0]
2 ??? (Spotify + 27156752) [0x101cd6110]
2 ??? (Spotify + 27156720) [0x101cd60f0]
2 ??? (Spotify + 21014560) [0x1016fa820]
2 ??? (Spotify + 21009700) [0x1016f9524]
2 ??? (Spotify + 21010228) [0x1016f9734]
2 ??? (libc++.1.dylib + 245744) [0x1839d7ff0]
2 <User mode>

Binary Images:
0x1002f0000 - ??? com.spotify.client 8.4.22 (842200515) <C9BB3148-05ED-328C-AECC-CDDBC4348A71> /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/4E79D267-F044-497B-BC53-5AB90D7D81AE/
0x18399c000 - 0x1839f5fff libc++.1.dylib <2C929C02-9BAF-3D0F-84A2-E636550AF33C> /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
0x1842c8000 - 0x1842effff libsystem_kernel.dylib <2D85F169-EEE7-36C4-8145-938BDEF80A7E> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
0x1843fa000 - 0x184409fff libsystem_pthread.dylib <80157CB2-8287-3E53-AFB0-00D8FC29211C> /usr/lib/system/libsystem_pthread.dylib


Hello there!


I'm running iOS 11.0.3 and Spotify on an iPhone 7.  I also lose about 10% battery every 15 minutes.  I hadn't listened to Spotify in a while, but noticed it yesterday when I arrived at work at 8:00 AM with 100% battery and before 10:00 AM, I was advised to turn on "Low Power Mode."


Any solutions would be much appreciated!


I can confirm that my iPad Pro 9.7” also is affected by this battery drain. Also, I have noted, both on my iPhone and iPad, that restarting the app is a temporary fix. If you kill the app and then opening it again, the cpu load will stay on normal levels for some time.


I have talked with a couple of friends who uses Spotify. They don’t seem to be affected by the bug. I also think that this thread have been a lot longer if every Spotify user was affected.


diggyz: I liked your post with the log file!


If there is someone from Spotify reading here it would be nice with a status update!


I have the same issue! I have only tested with Bluetooth and Spotify, but there must be some real problems going on. I have iOS 11.1


So I guess I won't be updating to iOS 11.1, 11.0.2, or 11.0.3 anytime soon. iOS 11 seems to have no issue with Spotify for me on my iPod touch, and my Android phone running Android 7.0 nougat is fine too

You should Wait Yes. I have general battery issues aswell, but with Spotify running i got 30 min of battery before i have to charge. I hope this wont be a problem When i Get the iPhone X. (Have 6 Now)


Spotify was just updated to build and the bug is still here.


However, I came up with an idea. I switched account with a (iOS)friend who’s not affected by the bug. The result: My friends battery started to drain fast and my issue was gone. After trying this for a couple of hours I was almost sure that it was something related to my account.


So I signed up for a new account, new username, mail etc. Have been using my new account for maybe four hours now, and no excessive drain yet.


(I’m not totally sure that this was a fix for me yet. But as for now it works fine.) If it seems to work for a couple of days I will contact Spotify and ask for a solution to merge my two accounts.